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Okay, so, wow.

Back in 2008 I submitted sample reviews for a certain professional anime website (a big one), and the editor praised my work, but told me they already hired somebody for a position recently and they'd keep an eye out for me. A couple of years later in 2010 I received some token assignments for the site, and assumed I was on my way for a more permanent position (albeit, still a part-time review position, but I wanted to get my toe wet in professional writing), as I was assured just that by the editor. Time passed, and I largely dropped the matter, knowing that the editor knew who I was, interacting with him on occasion on Twitter, very cordially. We weren't friends, but he was aware of who I was and the quality of my writing, as well as my passion for anime.

So it's 2014 now. And for the past few months (so late 2013 as well) this certain website posted job openings for reviewers. I asked the head hancho of the site, the CEO of the company, if they were still looking for reviewers, and he referred me back to the editorial head, the person I previously referred to. I forwarded the very long e-mail chain of interactions about the subject of my possible position back to the editor. This time, last week at around this time, I finally received a definitive answer.

It was essentially, "Sorry, but we can never hire you, because you insulted a voice actor some years ago in a blog post you did. They might take it personally if I hire you. I assumed you already knew why we couldn't bring you on."

Well, look, I was fairly unrestrained in my criticism of a certain voice actor, though I never insulted him on a personal level or threatened him. In fact, he made a veiled threat towards me. I never singled him out in particular for criticism. I've been an unrelenting destroyer of the "classic" English dub he was a part of for years, and he was only one of many on the chopping block. I was very reasoned about what I didn't like about his performance, as well as the others in it. I detailed the reasons I disliked this VA's work. And I also stated that I've actually found his more recent work to be pretty good, because he's improved over time.

But fine, let's say I was undeniably, over-the-top rude towards this particular voice actor. Okay, then what? You wait FOUR FUCKING YEARS to tell me? Four years where I was often interacting with the staff of the website, participating in discussions, and such. Surely there was time during four years to tell me that I had fucked things up and couldn't be a reviewer on the team. You waited four years to tell me? How was I supposed to know? Nobody on the staff said a thing in all that time.

What a crock of total, unadulterated bullshit. I had the utmost respect for this editor and for this particular anime website. No, beyond that, an admiration. And maybe they didn't owe me anything for that. I get that. But you know, I wasn't just some defect from off the streets, that they didn't know anything about. They could have treated me with respect, even if they disagreed with me, instead of leaving me hanging.

Well, this unmitigated anal fistery shall not be forgotten.…

When ya get t'hell, tell 'em Penguin Truth sent ya.

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February 16, 2014


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