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Deviantart-18th-birthday by Penguinator24 Deviantart-18th-birthday :iconpenguinator24:Penguinator24 1 2 Pat Penguinator new ref 2018 with shirt and design by Penguinator24 Pat Penguinator new ref 2018 with shirt and design :iconpenguinator24:Penguinator24 3 8 Gabe Griffon FoE oc by Penguinator24 Gabe Griffon FoE oc :iconpenguinator24:Penguinator24 4 0
Written ref for Lightning Cloud

Body coloration: Brilliant Silver fur with red patches and freckles, dark red hooves
Mane/tail coloration: Red with streaks of brilliant silver
Cutie Mark: A cloud with a lightning bolt made out of a large knife like this:
armor: reinforced Stable 124 suit, helmet sometimed used when interacting with radiation
Weapons: TO be revealed in Lightning Strikes Twice.
Backstory (more will be in the opening chapter of Lightning Strikes Twice): Born in stable 124 near Canterlot, his parent sand him fled the chaos caused by radiation from Canterlot leaching into the stable. They eventually settled in New Appleloosa where he was trained in hoof to hoof combat and how to shoot guns and use weapons effectively. It is 2 years after the move that Lightning would see his former best friend Cable 'Crackshot' Cooper s
:iconpenguinator24:Penguinator24 0 0
My review of WrestleMainia 34
Another WrestleMania has come and gone. This is my review and assessment of how the event went.
How I’m going to do it: I’m going to review and assess the matches based on how well the match was received, how well the wrestling was, and my own viewpoints of the matches. I will also give how I would have booked the matches.
Match 1: Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal
The annual Andre the Giant Battle Royal started off a very stacked card. It featured 30 men who didn’t have much going for them, or rather no other match. Kane looked good in the match, and so did Goldust. “Woken” Matt Hardy ended up winning the match, with some assistance from a newly turned face Bray Wyatt. With Wyatt face, this opens the possibility of Woken Matt forming a tag team or stable with Wyatt.
Grade: 88/100 (B+)
How I would have booked it: I would have booked it the same way. Since Jeff Hardy/Brother Nero is still out with an injury, Woken Matt would still have won
:iconpenguinator24:Penguinator24 1 0
Pat Penguinator new ref 2018 (body coloration) by Penguinator24 Pat Penguinator new ref 2018 (body coloration) :iconpenguinator24:Penguinator24 1 12 Tornado drawing by Penguinator24 Tornado drawing :iconpenguinator24:Penguinator24 0 0 Gabe Gryphon by Penguinator24 Gabe Gryphon :iconpenguinator24:Penguinator24 4 4
My Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series top 20
With the NASCAR season rapidly approaching, I thought that giving how I think the top 20 will end up looking like would be a good idea. Here's my Top 20 for the series.
(R) means driver is a rookie
20. Ryan Newman (#31 Caterpillar Chevy)
Newman's performance has been on the decline as of late, and with that miracle victory he had at Phoenix in 2017, he somehow locked himself into the Chase. I don't see the same happening this year for him.
19. Daniel Suarez (#19 Arris Toyota)
I feel Suarez was rushed into this ride, but that was due to the sudden retirement of Carl Edwards. He did make some major gains as the season went on, and had some good runs. I think it'll take one more season under his belt before we really start to see what Suarez can do.
18. Ryan Blaney (#12 Menard's Ford)
Blaney had a breakout year for the Wood Brothers in 2017, winning at Pocono and finishing in the top 10 in points. I feel that the #12 team will struggle at times this year, being a new team. However, I do e
:iconpenguinator24:Penguinator24 0 0
Thoughts on MLP Season 8 + Gen 5 (poss. spoilers)
               These are just a few thoughts that I have on the upcoming season and the next gen of MLP. We learned a couple months ago that many things, such as a “new” intro, and a uncompleted episode, were leaked by a hacker. Along with this, they leaked what appear to be plans for the next gen of MLP.
            First off, you should NOT believe anything that was leaked, especially the Gen 5 stuff. We shouldn’t speculate on the validity of if the leaked “gen 5” images were genuine. Wait until Hasbro comes out and says that it is the real deal. Until then, don’t speculate that it is.
            As for the season 8 leaks (spoilers upcoming), much of what was leaked was unfinished or unpolished. It does appear that the series will have a new intro for seasons 8 and 9. There also appear
:iconpenguinator24:Penguinator24 1 0
Mountains by Penguinator24 Mountains :iconpenguinator24:Penguinator24 0 0 Random tornado doodle by Penguinator24 Random tornado doodle :iconpenguinator24:Penguinator24 1 0
Some thoughts on Halloween
I feel like these days, we don't focus on Halloween that much anymore. As a nation, we tend to focus on the big two holidays, those being Thanksgiving and Christmas. Still, I think Halloween serves as a kickoff point to the holiday season. some would argue that these days, that kickoff is the beginning of fall, due to the over-commercialism of the Holidays. At any rate, any way you twist it, Halloween is a valuable and good way to kick off the holiday season. Even at my age (24), I still enjoy this holiday. I also like to see little kids enjoying themselves, and enjoying dressing up in costumes for those two days a year. (Some cities also have trick or treating on October 30th as well). Thanks for reading and enjoy your Halloween.
:iconpenguinator24:Penguinator24 2 14
Crepuscular Rays by Penguinator24 Crepuscular Rays :iconpenguinator24:Penguinator24 4 52 Deviantart 17th birthday Scribble Challenge by Penguinator24 Deviantart 17th birthday Scribble Challenge :iconpenguinator24:Penguinator24 2 0 Towering Cumulonimbus in July by Penguinator24 Towering Cumulonimbus in July :iconpenguinator24:Penguinator24 0 0


Nothing planned by Baron-Engel Nothing planned :iconbaron-engel:Baron-Engel 193 19 Pose Duel by Baron-Engel Pose Duel :iconbaron-engel:Baron-Engel 195 24 Photograph [SPEEDPANIT] by Laps-sp Photograph [SPEEDPANIT] :iconlaps-sp:Laps-sp 13 0 Not so secret, Love by Laps-sp Not so secret, Love :iconlaps-sp:Laps-sp 18 4 Perspective On Entertainment by saturdaymorningproj Perspective On Entertainment :iconsaturdaymorningproj:saturdaymorningproj 166 53 Blackjack [Movie Style] by Suramii Blackjack [Movie Style] :iconsuramii:Suramii 209 20 Royal Summer - Part 2 by Ohemo Royal Summer - Part 2 :iconohemo:Ohemo 302 18 Royal Summer - Part 1 by Ohemo Royal Summer - Part 1 :iconohemo:Ohemo 365 19 ATG Day 11 by Ohemo ATG Day 11 :iconohemo:Ohemo 85 7 Why not? by MadMayblossom Why not? :iconmadmayblossom:MadMayblossom 14 6 Applejack Journal Skin by Metterschlingel Applejack Journal Skin :iconmetterschlingel:Metterschlingel 113 33 MLP:YL - Returning the Care by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen MLP:YL - Returning the Care :iconinuhoshi-to-darkpen:InuHoshi-to-DarkPen 1,383 49 Luna Land Episode 6.0 by doubleWbrothers Luna Land Episode 6.0 :icondoublewbrothers:doubleWbrothers 404 76 Predator by doubleWbrothers Predator :icondoublewbrothers:doubleWbrothers 970 101 Rarity, Get Your Sword! (Part 10) by Pony-Berserker Rarity, Get Your Sword! (Part 10) :iconpony-berserker:Pony-Berserker 314 81 The Incompatibles by Pony-Berserker The Incompatibles :iconpony-berserker:Pony-Berserker 330 19


THis is one of the more adorable artworks I've seen in a while. Vision: it was obvious that this was going for a element of cute. You h...

First off, this is probably one of my favorite MLP fan arts I've seen. There's so much going on here, but it's very well done. Vision: ...

by Unibat

I grew up with Land before time, so when I saw this, I just had to critique it. Great work using rain to show the fact that this is a s...


Pinkie Being Pinkie... Movie Style

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A Review of Friendship University

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 13, 2018, 2:08 PM

Song of the Week

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 6, 2018, 4:21 PM
Here's a bit of a changeup from what I normally post with these journals. Playing off  my love of smooth jazz, here's one of my favorites from the genre.

Lily was Here - Candy Dulfer & David A. Stewart


journal skin by banishedcatgirl233

Reviews of the double MLP premieres

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 4, 2018, 9:48 AM


A matter of Principals

This episode was a big throwback to the episodes where Discord was way more choatic. I did enjoy the fact that they had him this way, being a pain in the side of Starlight. It had a good pace to it. Writing could have been better. I did enjoy the cameos by several characters from earlier in the series. Towards the end of the episode, we have a lot of new shipping/paring fuel. By the ending, Discord's antics had grown a bit... old. But I thought it was a pretty good episode overall, despite Discord being a bit over the top at times.

Grade: 7.8/10 C+

Hearths Warming Club

This episode was another episode that featured Hearths Warming Eve as its theme, Following "Hearths Warming Eve" in season 2 and "A Hearths Warming Tail" in season 6. The cold open featured a good pace, along with a twist to the plot for this episode. The first act was a bit faster paced. Going into the second act, the cute stories that that most of them told were adorable, some were a bit silly. This gave a nice variety of traditions that each do for their end of year holidays. A sad story was told by Gallus, and the truth then came out. This gave the episode a great ending. Yet another great Hearths Warming Eve episode, albeit a bit rushed toward the end. 

Grade: 9/10 A-

Next new episode: Friendship University, August 11th

skin made by C4TT
All art belong to their rightful owners.

Song of the Week

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 29, 2018, 11:49 PM
I've picked one of my favorite pro wrestling themes currently. This has been an earworm since the first time I heard it.

The Deletion Anthem (AKA "Woken" Matt Hardy's entrance theme) - CFO$


journal skin by banishedcatgirl233

A Review of Friendship University

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 13, 2018, 2:08 PM

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Happy B-Day ^^!
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Happy birthday bruh
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