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Good Morning Frigid Drift

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JJ-esque GMP
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Ha! Reminds me of me when i wake up everyday xD

Good job, i love the use of the lighting, and the shading you done is brilliant :)
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Kawaii Emo Pony!
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Is that a rainbow Dash doll? XD

Love your style!
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Kawaaaaaaiiiiiiiii desu.
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She looks cute in the mornings...
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OOHHHH i like! Especially the rays
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Reading ch5 now, one of my friends was reading it but replaced every voul with "ooo" x.x It's hard to read it without doing that now, but I'll muscle through it!
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Nice! Ya i've been working on a fic for one of my friends who's in the hospital...but i will resume in ch 6 soon ^^
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Sorry I've been pretty bad about reading them/making reaction art. Lots of stuff happening right now and I'm really pushing myself to do more. Honestly I'm halfway through chapter 5, and I really do want to read more of it. Once I get the next few posts out of the way for Pony Noire I'll definitely have a reading-a-thon of ch5+6+7 and if you finish 8. But don't rush yourself okay? If someone wants you to write something else, please take that as a priority. I'm really sorry for not reading the chapters yet.
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no problem! As long as you like em I'm happy. It was more of a project to see if I could expand on an already existing personality. And so far its been pretty fun. but heads up prepare for some manly tears in ch 6...
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Finally caught up with the story, sorry things were getting a little hectic. And yes, silly manly tears... I mean what? xD Glad to see you taking her background into your own ideas, this is definitely material I can use in the blog (as far as canon behaviors and background). Now all I need to do is figure out her cutie mark story... that will be the next arc of the blog once the prom is over.
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Cool! Looking forward to it! I'll start working on the story again this weekend a little, but i have exams coming up so updates will be slower. Even slower than before........-___-
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RD puppet started with two button eyes. One has already gone missing.

Frigid has violated it already....

Love the lighting~
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