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Hello Everyone,

I'm still alive... =u=;;;

My apologize to not replying any notes or messages for a long time.

I'm being inactive a lot here.. have been through kinda harsh life OTL

The most reason for being in active is my health.

I've been in pretty bad shape for many months.

I might not do much works as before but I'll try to start fixing life up again this year OuO/

anyway, my old hard disk is dead already, that made me lost some work-files T3T

still good luck enough those works are done and already sent to the commissioners.

hnnn sorry that I couldn't post any of previous pics at that time.

ps. wow--I feel like I don't get used to DA's new interfaces and features ^^;

it took me quite a time to find the way to write this journal X'D

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update 16/04/17

I feel better from allergies right now ; v ; I'll try harder to finish all works then.
I heard that the construction will be done around the end of this month.
sorry that I didn't reply all messages one by one but I read them all and they totally made my day!
Thank you so much for your support. I feel so grateful *hugs all you guys*


Hello everyone,

I need to be on hiatus for a while cuz I've got terrible allergy from the dusts from construction site nearby. Too bad that I can't move to any other place else T3T maybe I need to wait until it's done //cries

I can't do anything much.. keep easily distracted from work because of sneezing, itchy watery eyes and a runny nose OTL
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Hello! everyone!

hnn it's been a long time I was inactive OTL I must apologize to you for being late on replying all comments and notes before. My PC monitor is back now so I can continue things here.

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes and messages :heart: I'm really sorry that I couldn't reply them one by one but I read all of them and feel so grateful.


I guess some already knew about this news...

Our beloved King just passed away...

I cried a lot when I heard the news-- same as other Thai people.. 
I still can't stop crying even until now... feel like the whole world collapsed.. as if my heart was breaking.
I was born in the reign of king Rama IX of Thailand. We have had a wonderful King. Forever in our hearts...
Rest in Peace, your Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Father of Thailand.
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I'm being inactive here lately due to RL work overload.
Things somehow dun go as our plan :iconotlplz:

I feel so sorry that all commission works have been slow down in this month :iconlazycryplz:
I think it will get better around next month~
I'll do my best to finish all current commission works when I can manage those RL work schedules ; A ;

sorry for any inconvenience too >////<
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Actually I wanna find the WIN-WIN solution for all commissioners OTL

well... I'm thinking about changing the commission process from  "sending the payment after seeing the rough sketch" to "sending the payment before starting any work progress"  because I need the income from commission to pay the bills in each month from now on and it will be a bit difficult to manage the money balance when I have to wait for the payment.

I also feel uneasy to open more commission slots while still having the other commission works in the pending list ; w ;

Hope you guys understand this-- I'm really sorry for any inconvenience.

feel free to ask me or share your thought ; 7 ; I'd love to hear it :w00t:
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