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君がいた夏は 遠い夢の中
空に消えてった 打ち上げ花火

The summer I spent with you, is like a faraway dream
the fireworks display that disappeared into the sky...


There was something Mayu didn't understand... somehow Myuto acted kinda strange lately.. like keeping distance from her..
She was just want to be by his side and give him smile as always..
that's why Mayu was really happy when Myuto asked her to go to summer festival together...
and she would keep this as another precious memory....

"Myuto... next year we will come here together again, right?"

(///▽///)..... another nekotachi's event---:iconblushingplz:
BG practice and also try to make it like event piccu from game :iconpapmingplz:
I always enjoy drawing their lovey-dovey piccu // more dokidoki scene pls--- :iconsobeautifulplz:

hnngg this piccu popped in my head after I saw Mio-chan's white day piccu! Spring ended and now it's time for summer event! awwwww-- I really love summer festival.. oh yeah yukata---
ohoho  Myuto is smexy, isn't he? :iconhiddentrollplz::iconluvluvplz: next piccu will be beach event? //kickedbyMyuto

Mood Maker - Natsu Matsuri (Whiteberry)…

Myuto (c) :iconmio-chii:
Mayu (c) :iconpenguin-pinpin:
Patterns from :icongimei:'s Japanese style patterns
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cool, animal ears!!
foxy-yazoo's avatar
I love this!  Such a sweet scene with beautiful colors X3
penguin-pinpin's avatar
Thank you ^^
glad you love it O//v//<
Swifty-TheVagabond's avatar
Om nomnomnomnom ^,...,^
skystar987's avatar
wholy crap u r good
penguin-pinpin's avatar
Thank you so much (^v^)
Milanoou's avatar
Kyaaaa >w<
Thats so *sob sob* awesome!
penguin-pinpin's avatar
aww thank you so much  :icondragonshy1:
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Hnggghhh Still...even though I already saw this piccu but I still want to comment this lovey-dovey of them,I had to!!Coz I can't keep my eyes off at them~~<33
So kawaiii desu~~And the way they look at each other :iconomgsocuteplz:...something is playing inside their mind,only them both knew :iconluvluvplz: :iconluvluvplz: :iconluvluvplz: 
slapsyouwithlove//Myuto is not smexy at all,you the one make he looks so smexy here!!:iconsobeautifulplz: 
I wonder,what will happen to them on next event :iconmaniacsmileplz::iconmaniacsmileplz::iconmaniacsmileplz: 
penguin-pinpin's avatar
tehehe /// thank you so much Mio-chan :iconbrohugplz: I'm glad you love this piccu~
 they're our precious nekotachi! I'm always happy to draw them and to see their piccu too >//v//<
they deserve more love awww-- they will realize their feeling to each other little by little through these warm, fluffy and lovey-dovey events :iconhnnghplz::iconluvluvplz:

nu nu! you make him so cute cool and smexy already! :iconkawaiilazeplz:
yeah! can't wait for the next event :iconinloveplz:
Zue's avatar
AWWW it's so beautiful!! :iconureshiiryojidaisyplz: I wish I can have all your arts in a book, then I can drool over them each day and uncover your secret technique :iconhiddentrollplz::heart: <-- *gets kicked*
penguin-pinpin's avatar
Yuu-Kirisaki's avatar
so hot~ the colours are really nice, too!
penguin-pinpin's avatar
Thank you very much ;//v//;
lily-kat's avatar
This is so beautiful Penguin-chan!!! :iconfangasmingplz::iconkira-neplz:
So romantic! I loved the sky and the whole mood of the drawing! :iconotakuingplz:
Yaayyy yay yay I love festivalsss :icondatrikkaassplz:
Beautiful coloring! :iconamgtouchplz: The glowy lights are so pretty! And they make a very cute couple as usual!! :iconfanboyingplz: Yesss that cute pink kimono pattern hehehe
penguin-pinpin's avatar
thank you Lily-chan! :iconawplz:
I'm so glad you love those :icondoushioplz:
it means a lot to me cuz I put all I have into this piccu :iconcrazyblushplz:
Meowkel's avatar
Wow! It's like from the anime movie Hotarubi no Mori e ♥
penguin-pinpin's avatar
I have never watched it before :iconidislikeitplz:
NEWLL's avatar
so kireiii naaa~ Your colors always amaze me penguin~ :iconmonkeyloveplz:
penguin-pinpin's avatar
waaa arigatou Sapphy-chan :iconyuiglompplz:
mazzaful's avatar
I love how you combine characters with backgrounds. It's so nice and "painty" 
penguin-pinpin's avatar
Thank you O//v//O
I'm so glad to know you love it :iconloveloveplz:
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