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pluck comic

a comic starring characters i've used in comics before 1 , 2 , 3 , 4

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I loove how the tall angels interact, especially when Mince emotes with their whole body. I love Khelle always because of course I do. I appreciate that their dialogue is muffled because I feel like it could distract attention from S, and it also does a good job of kind of showing S's POV!. S is really in their own world, and very cute, and a little concerning. Please don't go plucking those feathers from the source, now...
Also I think the setting is lovely and interesting! The plants scream "tropical" but the colors feel cold and wintery, I'd love to walk with these divine weirdos through here.
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s is so cute auuu
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i can relate to S a lot, here
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OHH I MISSED KHELLE AND S : D i love this a lot!!
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ooo shoot this is awesome!! even though its my first time seeing these chars,,
the connections between them is so real!! and the bg's are amazing!!!