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Zippy and Whammy Comic

(as always, sorry for the weird formatting, i just wanted to be able to post it cleanly in one deviation)

an idea i got last year or the year before and i finally got around to doing it HOORAY
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this format is gOod. also this comic is good. gj my dude :y
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Interesting. :) Roger Rabbit vibes.

How about formatting with one page beside the other? I read some of it out of order before noticing the numbering. You'd even get rid of the black void pages. :XD:
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i cannot because i cant exceed a certain number of pixels without my computer dying on me, hence why comics that are large get put together funny 
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I remember these two characters since 2014😄
pengosolvent's avatar
yeah! they were made a while back :--)
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Is there going to be more of them? I am quite intrigued about what happens next
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currently dont have anything planned, but maybe in the future
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where can I buy your comics in physical format 0_x... please. 
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i was trying to set up a place to buy it, but idk when itll be ready
if you email me tho, i can talk about what i have and prices
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sent you a message, I feel like I've emailed you before though regarding something but can't remember. Thank you 8u8
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I'm pretty sure I saw these two on one of your music covers !
I really like your art !
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This is just too freaking cute!
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kinda gets you thinking
is there a cartoon heaven and hell or something?
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Cartoon purgatory? Wonder what real cartoons would be there.
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You're such a talented comic artist. I always get lost in your unique storylines and interesting characters!
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thank you so much for this compliment! it means a lot to me to tell interesting stories
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I love this, it's such an original concept!
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And again, when I saw that you posted something
My heart started beating faster 
Lovely comic 
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