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What is Scary (comic and song)

By pengosolvent
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a comic i'd been mulling around for a while! the link above has the comic timed to music i made for it
i'd appreciate if you took a listen (or just read the comic here HAHA)
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THIS COMIC is so good I love it so much
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Body horror Bridgeburn is the coolest
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Really likin' this comic. It's a nice take onto fear. And it's interesting to know these guys can shapshift in some way.
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aah i love this! the lines and sequencing are really good!!
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thank you!! im glad you appreciate the lines, i was worried they werent very good
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I now perceive fear as a new means, thanks to Bridgecross. I've honestly never thought of it like that before.
" So exciting and complex!" 0v0

I also find Bridgeburn's expression to be very light. :) I like it!
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thank you!! i had a lot of fun with bridgeburn's expressions even if they were for the most part the same thing HAHA
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umm, i have a question...
are these characters involved or they just appear in WreCk?
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they are uninvolved with wreCk haha they don't appear in it at all
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I was just thinking about this today. I want to write something horror based but I'm all muddled up on what would be scary. This helped a bit. :) 
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horror is really cool and i hope you do well in your writing!
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That was cool!
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I never thought about fear in a 'fear of change/ fear of lack of change' sort of way. This WAS very thought provoking.

And I loved how you put the video together! May I ask what program you used to do it?
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I just used moviemaker HAHA and it was a huuuuge pain to make... i'm glad you enjoyed it thank you!
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So simple after all!
You're very welcome! Your content is amazing.
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haha I liked these guys
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I really like BFall.
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