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Twitter Dialogue Comic part 1

a little under a year ago i asked twitter for some random dialogue prompts (couldn't be offensive, couldn't be a reference to anything, etc) that i would string together into a cohesive story

you can see the dialogue given here  and here 
i edited them sometimes very slightly (adding laughter or spacing out the comment etc) but overall it made for a pretty bizarre story haha

i finished the script pretty quickly but then as usual i just let this thing sit for a loooooong time... this month i finished the comic and here it is!

it's silly and i could have maybe put a few more pages to smooth some parts out but it was already a decent length and i didn't want to end up drawing 50 pages

Part 1: [you are here]
Part 2:…

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Addicted to spoiling movies, eeeeewwwww!
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to be fair, the one watching tv had already seen these movies haha
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Oh. And the other one knew that, I presume.

The charges are lifted. :D