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Third Assignment Comic

the next assignment from kadenze was to make three comics where the events in one takes place in the span of a second, one in the span of an hour, and one over a day (my comics order is 1 hour -> 1 second -> 1 day)
we were provided templates, so every page is 6 panels

had a TON of fun with this one.. though i put more effort into the ending than i probably should have HAHA

I've been super busy and i leave to boston really really soon to get ready for anime boston so i'm posting this now and i'm not sure when my 4th assignment will be posted hmm

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Haha, imagination will always provide greater horrors than reality. If s/he knew what's under the zipper, s/he'd sleep soundly.
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this is an interesting way to look at it honestly HAHA!
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jesus Heck pengo yr stuff is so AWESOME ...
great work!!!
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I've been secretly reading all your comics and wanting to comment on how amazing they are! I'm just tongue tied at what to say. so much raw storytelling! I love it! your deliniated non-human non-animal, geometric characters somehow make the emotional expressions all the more clear and apparent rather than the other way around! the fact that you can make characters appear to be thinking just by moving their eyes slightly is still astonishing in its own right! you sir/madame/tropicalplant are a mess of talent!
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thank you so much for this comment! (and sorry that i took forever to reply)
i appreciate the title of tropicalplant
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Goodness gracious even those ZIPPERS ought to have taken a long time, without other content or outside obligations.  You did each of these in one day?
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nah, i think i had a week to do this, though i did rush the last two compared to the first!
the zippers were a HUGE hassle though ugh
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I can't stop wondering how fantastic the transition in this comic is.
I have to feel sorry for the worker, considering we both want to know what Mr. D Amazing has under that zipper.   ">.>
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