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Happy Joe Comic

just a small comic idea about happy joe i got 6 years ago and only got around to making now
oh well
i've just been trying to do comics more and anything is progress
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Rereading some of your comics is just making my day! 
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In this comic, we can extract some possibles explanations of Joe´s actions, and they are:

1- Joe and his self emotional control= Joe usually rejoices immensely when seeing someone/something else's misfortune (we can see this in his interactions with his flower in the first panels of this comic, and also in a little “comic sketch” that Pengo made about Happy Joe *link=…). But contrary to what you may think, this doesn´t mean that Joe is evil; “laugh at the misfortunes of others" is a commun unconscious mechanism that allows us to maintain the mental health by projecting our fears in the person who is suffering those misfortunes; and might work in a literal way in the case of Joe (we don´t know too many things about his species´ behavior to say if this could work in this metaverse), kills the flower and laughs about this event to pass his fears about death to then have enough “nerves of steel” to not being afraid when he is near death with his friend Charlie. Also “laugh at the misfortunes of others" helps Joe to get rid of his insecurities to be able to show such self confidence in the comic.

2- Sociopathy= Sociopaths are people who have a lack of emotions, so they are able to perform actions without care about the consequences it could provoke; in this comic, Joe´s objetive is prevent Charlie from meeting May at any cost, it doesn´t matter if both Joe and Charlie end up dying; similar to the description I gave you before, right?

3- Extreme obsession and envy= These three things are linked to the reason why Joe would want to prevent Charlie from meeting May. The first thing to talk about is that Joe is lying to Charlie about how much he knows about May, because of “happy joe wip” *link=… that Joe is May´s psychologist (belive it or not), and unless psychologists of this metaverse work in a total different way or Joe scared May in that ocation or this comic set place before “happy joe wip”, one of the first things Joe would know about May is her job (one of the places where a person spends more time interacting with other people and where that person lives various situations is at work, so most of the conversations that a psychologist would have with his patient would be about the patient´s work, so Joe would know at least if May has a job). So Joe was lying about not knowing a damn about May´s workplace, but why he would do that if he it only makes him look like a lunatic? Well, maybe Joe planned to make Charlie belives that Joe is being insanely impulsive, as Joe had the intention to take Charlie to the limits of the city since Charlie asked Joe for that favor. Joe did this conscientiously, but what is the reason? Maybe as Joe isn´t happy about the idea that Charlie could start dating May, he decides to isolate Charlie, impelled by a very concealed envy; we have two variants for this, which are:

    A- In the case that he have envy towards Charlie, would mean that Joe have a crush in May or that he developed an emotional connection with her that causes him the need to protect her as if she were a sister or a daughter (and that he is so overprotective that he doesn´t trust a friend, to the point that he prefers to kill that friend at any costs to avoid the possibility of May being emotionally injured). Although these explanations would rather explain his behavior in this comic, they have a little “plot hollow”, which is "if Joe did all this in order to be the one who dates May or to protect May, then why Joe didn´t directly kill Charlie instead of crashing with him in the ravine? If he dies, he obviously won´t be able to date May nor to prevent someone else from dating her, or he won´t be able to continue protecting her nor prevent someone from hurting her"; anyway, this “plot hollow” can be fixed with simples arguments like “When you are in love or when you have to do something related with somebody you care about, you will tend to be irrational or you will make decisions according to your feelings” and/or “ Well, Joe seems like  a mind-fucked ´person´, so he probably isn´t a self-controlled person”.

    B- In the case Joe is have envy towards May, would mean that the “person” Joe is in love with is Charlie or just Charlie is a very important person in Joe's life, and because of that, Joe could have the fear that Charlie is going to share less time with him or that he will leave him aside if Charlie starts dating May; the last option is most likely, and can be backed by all of Joe's interactions with Charlie, which denote that Joe is afraid to take away Charlie with his "particular" form of being (when Charlie shows up -after Joe killed the flower-, Joe got scared when he heard Charlie´s voice, and after he greeted Charlie, he secretly tossed the plant just in time so when Charlie will approach the window, he wouldn´t notice that Joe was laughing about the flower´s terrible conditions). This explains why Joe took Charlie to the limits of the city, as Joe could just did that to get close to Charlie and indirectly convince Charlie that he should spend his time with Joe instead with May, by using the common move of get some time alone with the person and show him/her your best qualities (in an extremist way). Also explains why Joe -presumably- crashed in the ravine with Charlie; as Charlie is the focus of Joe's obsession, we can use the phrase “If you are not mine, you won´t be anyone else's” like a argument.

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*sigh* Why can't I fav this 2 times?
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We should all strive to be like Happy Joe.
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Oh my god I hope this comment gets featured.
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Saw the title, instantly popped on Happy Joe Goes to Town to listen to while reading.. totally worth. Matched perfectly.
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its so funny that youre actually the second person to mention that song! i had forgotten i had made that
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HAHAHAH!! Omg I totally remember Happy joe and his animations from years ago. This made me laugh far too hard it was AWESOME. The pacing and tension in everything was built so could feel the comic dripping with mania. Great job :)
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thank you!! im so glad the comic came across the way i wanted HAHA
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Omg I love Happy Joe so much thank you for this blessing
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omg nope, The way that Joe acts is just
hilarious XD
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oh jesus christ I loved this haha
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Happy Joe's is a food and arcade place where my dad lives and now I'm gonna think of this whenever I go there 
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thats amazing HAHA
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Free food sounds great, Let's go!
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i would trust happy joe with my life and am fully aware of the consequences
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I want this... I want to own this... please tell me you will sell a zine of a collection of your shorts...o_o'' I will keep it with my original Shmorky kay and my copy of "Tea Time and Fletcher".
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i am actually going to be posting about selling comics and a sketchbook collection thing in a month or two! im going to be selling this one and the mr amazing comic as mini comics
what is scary, and my 24 hour comic day comics will also be available!
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Yessssss. Christmas wishlist here I come!
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this is very nice.happy joe is so eerie and mysterious i wonder why he acts like this lol great comic though,you are really good at making them!
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