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Bird Lovers Comic


short one this month again because i'm going to be out for a few months possibly soon hm

was a fun one though!

unrelated but i just wanted to say that even though i don't reply much to comments, i do read all of them and appreciate them (i've just been busier than usual unfortunately)
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This is such a creative concept, I was incredibly amused the entire read through. Very nice!
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This is fantastic and totally cracked me up xD I’ll never look at toucans the same way!!!
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this is almost as bad as resisting the urge to put a lightbulb in your mouth
uwupower's avatar
I laughed so much, omf
scilloideae's avatar
itty bitty baby beak. i love the 3D style in this!
LisWhoIs's avatar
Adorable comic! Just love the fact of 3D models being there, they looks so funny and cool. 
Also, good luck on what you're busy now, hope you do well!
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glad you liked it and thank you!
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As a bird lover and skull shiner myself, I found this very informational, thank you! Personally, I always leave the tiny toucans near my bed so that I may always wish them good night.

That aside, I really like the 3d models you used here, and the bird lover is so expressive!
For some reason, I really like the part where they say "So picture this:" and they make a square with their hands instead of just saying it or holding their hand up or something, I thought that was a neat little touch haha!
pengosolvent's avatar
thank you! i had recently refound a very old comic where a big gimmick about it was there being "camera views" that were separate from regular panels, and were shown by methods similar to that "picture this" panel (everything outside the main focus of the camera was darker, so it looked like there was a light square in the middle of shots)
i thought it'd be fun to bring that up again in that panel!
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Well now....that just MAKES me want to remove the tiny beak off the tiny skeleton now!! WHY WAS I TOLD THIS?!!?

I loved the comic btw haha. It feels almost improvised and then suddenly feels like it was made to be about bird layers all along (you fool how did you not know know about bird layers?). I was massively educated, thank you. Even the 3d model versions had this otherworldly approach to the an old VHS when 80s computer animation was all blocks. Great expressions and acting as always and even the birds were drawn so well...cutey birds with evil within. :) 
pengosolvent's avatar
haha thank you!! i always appreciate your comments
the old VHS 80s edutainment video stuff is exactly the feeling i was going for, just this disorienting shift that sort of makes sense but still feels sudden
The-Fry-Bat's avatar
We were lied to when they told us we were out bird watching. The ones being watched... were us.
pengosolvent's avatar
birds have special binocular eyes all the better to watch us with
IgnisLeo's avatar
Part of my brain: This makes perfect sense
Part of my brain: This makes no sense
the two parts are the same part
pengosolvent's avatar
if they werent the same part i'd assume you have two brains!
IgnisLeo's avatar
Maybe I do! (But You are right, I only have one, i think)
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*Looks at the beak of the tiny skeleton*
- No, I don't want to mess with unholy power.
*The tiny beak stares back at me while X-files theme song starts playing*
*I start sweating and I leave the place, leaving behind my love for paranormal ornithology forever*
pengosolvent's avatar
better to be safe than sorry after all.....................
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