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24 hour comic day 2014

the comic i made for 24-hour comic day 2014... the pencils didn't scan well and i wasn't particularly happy with the quality so i took the time to edit it but (long story short) it took forever and this is two years late WHOOPS
still unsure for the title... also, sorry for the weird format for the image too, i just didn't want to have to upload this in parts

24 hour comic day 2013 (part 1)->…
24 hour comic day 2015 (part 1) ->…
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Saw this on Tumblr, had to see the rest. I legit started getting teary eyed in the last few pages. Gosh my heart just </3

I wish her every happiness now that she remembers who she is, and the legacy she left behind.

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I'm trying not to leave too many notifications here but hnnnnngh

this is an older comic but it so so many ways...

this made me feel the most emotion I have today
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i'm glad you enjoy it!
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I finally set aside time to read this comic and I'm glad I did, this was a very sweet short story!
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Sooooooo good.
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awn this one was so cute! Loved the story and the characters!
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fantastic *u*
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this is really good~ i love your comics
also im in love with ceilov
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God, Pengo! You just know how to make such great stories! I honestly think that this was the great! Such deep feelings, and it's also wonderfully enticing to read on.
I hope 24-hour 2016 is just as amazing as the other three!
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"-eventually stop visiting you-" feelings that this doesn't end here... no one wants to be stuck alone like that forever. would be nice for the occasional visit from Fhicha or something...

excellent story might I add. right in the feels!
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What a great history and characters , I would love drawing them sometime purple heart bullet 
pengosolvent's avatar
thank you and feel free to do so hehe, it'd be nice to see
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Great little story.
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Really love it!
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Aww, that's sweet!
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You've brought a tear to my eye.
Good job Pengo!
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You're absolutely welcome! 
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this is so nice oh golly..
poor ceilov ;0;
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oooh my heart :+( that ending actually got to me, not expecting that
a nice and simple story though i enjoyed it and great art as usual love it :thumbsup::)
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