June Feature: Eyes

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Hi all! I haven't posted any features in almost a year.  I went quiet for about a year, but I'm back now and as busy with photography as ever! So if you enjoy my photography or features feel free to give me a watch, because I will be much more active from now on. 

Feature: Eyes

Photography of people or animals that feature eyes that really capture the viewer and draw them into the photo.


Nate 4453 by pengirl389265


o. by PoisonGirl-sts                       Shiver. by HYENART
218 by kaskaa96                    Freckles by thefirebomb
    Little fighter by Phoenixstamatis

:: in a nutshell by noahsamuelmosko
          mirror playing [4] by sergeyspiric

Warrior by EMVDS  Nina by mariasvarbova  A DreaM by 7usaM  The Eye by MarinaCoric

Barn Owl by egypt04

Also, folks, I got a tumblr www.tumblr.com/blog/wasatchwan… so check that out if you would like!

Next months feature will be SUMMER.

So if you have any photography that would fit well with the SUMMER theme, please comments the links (non premium) or thumbs (premium) below!
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Another thanks for including my piece :) 
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Thank you for featuring my work. :bow: