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[TG] Profile - Asukai Kaoru by PenelopeJadewing [TG] Profile - Asukai Kaoru by PenelopeJadewing

Basic Information:

Full Name: Asukai Kaoru | 飛鳥井 薫/郁/芳
Shinobi Identification: 182208
Nicknames: Kao
Gender: Male
Birthday: January 11, 1246
Academy Arc:  11
Pre-Time Skip: 14
Post-Time Skip: 17
Bloodline: Asukai (Main House); O
Academy: 132cm/4'4"
Pre-Time Skip: 165cm/5'5"
Post-Time Skip: 170cm/5'7"
Academy:  75lbs/34kg
Pre-Time Skip: -121lbs/55kg
Post-Time Skip: 144lbs/65kg
Squad 180
Sensei: N/A
Asukai Kin
Hibiki Jinta
Weapons: Kodachi (Mitsumaru)
Markings/tattoes: None
Scars: Burn scarring up his right arm and the right side of his ribcage
Piercings: A single one on each ear. Usually wears a hoop with an Asukai charm, and an Uranami fan he bought from Nanase.

Personality Information: 

Personality: Extroverted | Impulsive | Angry | Idealistic | Sardonic | Imperialistic | Bold | Existential | Passionate 
Once a pure-hearted boy, the events of Arc 6 and onward have slowly but surely caused Kaoru to put an armor of rage around his heart. It's easier for him to feel anger than any other emotion, making him comfortable with it over everything else. There are scarce few that can bypass his temper, those few being the ones who've known him the longest and thus know him best--these are the people he cares deeply for, and he tries very hard not to let his fiery anger lash at them.
His own lack of inhibition terrifies him, but he hasn't yet gotten a grip on his impulsiveness. He speaks his mind without restraint, and will be completely honest with you--unless you are special to him and he believes that to do so would be to burden you with troubles he sees as his own.
Still, he's retained his sense of perspective for the most part. He refuses to believe people are inherently bad or evil--just inherently stupid. Not sheep in need of a gentle shepherd, but beasts in need of a firm, unyielding hand if disaster is to be avoided.
Thanks to his negative reaction to feeling helpless and weak, Kaoru has begun to develop a desperate need for control... 

In Emojis ('cuz I can): :bouncyhai: | Come With Me | Snuggle | Sword TardDon't you ignore me | A Little Bit Of Hope | :darkness | Depressed Emote | Death Stare | Angry stare | :angry::fliptable::slap: revamp | YO WAKE UP 

Hobbies: Reading | Training | Sleeping | Writing poetry | Socializing
Mannerisms: Expressive | Very little volume control | Uses his limbs while speaking | Stutters when flustered | Easily triggered | Walks tall
Inspirations: His father | The Akarikage | Kimura Isao | Old books | Legendary/historical heroes | The stars
Fears: Fire | Loss | Lack of control | Blood | Loneliness | Asukai Akane | Hitoyo Etsuko
Ambition: To become stronger | To defeat the Masked Men without mercy | To become someone worth following | To become Akarikage and change the current system

His father, Hayate, is a severely pacifistic man who grew up with very strict, argumentative parents who were only together through an arranged marriage. He was a highly sensitive and empathetic child. Raised under the same beliefs as every Main House Asukai, Hayate initially believed what his parents said about the Branch house, the Kitsune, and everything else. But after seeing the negative effects of these beliefs first hand, along with seeing how his parents couldn't even bother to get along (despite both being Main House members), he found himself loathing all the pointless conflict and avoiding it at all costs. That coupled with the loss of his wife in the birth of their first child, Hayate quickly became a recluse--he rarely left his home or interacted with anybody, even his own parents or his late wife's family. He raised Kaoru primarily by himself, in hopes of shielding him from the poisonous prejudice of the outside world. This was mostly successful, but has had adverse effects later in Kaoru's life as there are conflicts Kaoru goes into without a firm grasp on the realities of what could go wrong.

Though Kaoru grew up without his mother around, he was unaware of the difference and thus her absence in his life doesn't impact him much. This was largely thanks to the positive relationship he had with his father. His upbringing was firm but largely sympathetic and encouraging, and Kaoru was always game for a challenge. He idolizes his father and his skills, and wishes to match and eventually surpass him.

What does bother him about his mother's absence is that he feels his existence is somehow to blame for it, as if he was never conceived, she never would have died and Hayate wouldn't have experienced such profound loss.

As a child, he spent much of his time going on "adventures" by himself, often wandering into places he didn't belong. He made many acquaintances this way, from non-clans who seemed to hate his guts (one beat him up once and poured ink in his hair), to Kitsune who were loud but not nearly as gross as his clan peers lead him to believe, to fellow Asukai, Main and Branch alike. He often visited Asukai Tsurugi and his family, as Tsuru's aunt (???) would give him sweets--which he adored. Having never experienced a mother or siblings, Kaoru found this atmosphere fascinating and engaging. After the incident with the clan heirs, Kao was devastated that he couldn't just visit them freely like he once could. 

Hayate is a good friend of Asukai Shibui--so much so that, when Shibui was busy (as he often is), he would leave Karigane in Hayate's care. Kaoru sees the younger boy as a brother.

While in the academy, he once had an unofficial spar with an Aoki girl who knocked him down. He ended up breaking his arm. She carried him to the nurse, much to his chagrin. However, from that day, that girl earned both his respect and his affections. He learned her name was Tamie.

When he was 12, he also sparred with Asukai Shinya--and lost. And vowed to beat him one day.

Kaoru holds high standards for himself. He doesn't like how small and weak he is, and therefore takes measures to compensate--this usually ends in trouble of some shape or form.

Notable Changes during the Time-Skip:

- He's taken to dressing more like his father, in a traditional fashion, both out of respect and a desire to be at least a bit more dignified.
- He's a generally darker/angrier person than he was before Arc 6. The world is no longer a place of hope, between the masked men and their antics and the revelations Kaoru has gotten about humanity in general. He's become hyper-focused on the system's flaws, and desires to fix them by whatever means necessary.

Important Events during the Time-Skip:

- During the attacks of Arc 6, Kaoru's father Hayate lost his sword arm and nerves in his right hip were severely damaged. While therapy has improved his mobility somewhat, walking causes him pain, and his balance is pitiful compared to his former glory. This has dealt a crushing blow to Kaoru's once vibrant morale. 
- While he mourned the death of the Akarikage, Kaoru couldn't bring himself to focus on the village's turmoil. Not while he dealt with his crisis at home. Suddenly, Kaoru had to do much of what his father had once done around the house. For months, his father needed Kaoru's help with almost everything.

Arc History:
:bulletred: Developed an aversion to fire in Arc 2
:bulletred: Almost lost his father in Arc 6
:bulletred: Received his father's kodachi at age 16, and renamed it Mitsumaru ("ring of light")
:bulletred: Sided with Phoenix (seeing no better option) in Arc 9
:bulletred: Joined Tiger in Arc 14
:bulletred: Failed his first Chunin Exams 17.5
:bulletred: Began dating Aoki Tamie after the Exams

:bulletwhite: "This world is all... broken. Twisted up."
:bulletwhite: "No, Tatsu, you're not cute. People say that, but they're just kidding."
:bulletwhite: "I will NOT wear bows."
:bulletwhite: "[referring to Hayate] He has enough on his mind... I don't want him to worry about me."
:bulletwhite: "What if... everyone would be better off if I never existed?"
:bulletwhite: "The stars offer both comfort and condemnation... they are so distant and vast, they make all of our petty disputes seem so small. But they are always there, shining in the darkness... showing us the way."
:bulletwhite: "I just want everybody to be okay..."
:bulletwhite: "[referring to Tamie] I swear, I am going to marry that woman."

Gray Dot Bullet - F2U!  He's a sunshine-y, idealistic person, but beneath that, he's extremely insecure about his own worth. 
Gray Dot Bullet - F2U!  He loves making other people smile.
Gray Dot Bullet - F2U!  If he laughs too hard, he gives himself the hiccups.
Gray Dot Bullet - F2U!  If he was allowed, his wardrobe would consist primarily of rich reds and golds.
Gray Dot Bullet - F2U!  His favorite colors are red and pink.
Gray Dot Bullet - F2U!  Despite Physical Touch being neutral on his LL scale, he's a very instinctively cuddly person.
Gray Dot Bullet - F2U!  Strong people make him fanboy. None more than his girlfriend.
Gray Dot Bullet - F2U!  He has a strong aversion to bows.
Gray Dot Bullet - F2U!  His VA is Vic Mignogna (as Rin from Free! yes, i'm aware the deviation below says Romi Park/Ed Elric, but i've been meaning to change that and just haven't gotten around to it).

Other Info:
[TG] Kaoru Asukai - Academy by PenelopeJadewing  [TG] Kaoru Asukai - Pre Time Skip by PenelopeJadewing  [TG] Voice Actor Meme by PenelopeJadewing  [TG] Nature Transformation Tree: Asukai Kaoru by PenelopeJadewing  [TG] Asukai Kaoru Specialty - Elite Asukai by PenelopeJadewing 
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