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Favourite Visual Artist
Winston Rowntree, Patrick Brown, Matt Hall, Arthur dePins, Trudy Cooper, Harry Partridge, Arin Hanson, Joakim Burholm
Favourite Movies
Fight Club
Favourite TV Shows
The Simpsons, Futurama, Weeds, Kenny VS Spenny, Prison Break, Breaking Bad, Pen & Teller Bullshit
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Michael Giacchino, Jesper Kyd, Beirut, Pixies, Blue Foundation, Richard Cheese
Favourite Books
Favourite Writers
Anyone who writes for
Favourite Games
Medal of Honor, DooM, Hitman, GTAV, Silent Hill, Crash Team Racing
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Trust tablet, Photoshop CS5, Pencils, ink, paper.
Other Interests
Health, exercising, military history, time and space, humour, friends, creepy bizarre stuff...
Today marks the 8th anniversary of my presence on this website. Yay. But I am now also on Tumblr! You'll find lots of sketches and other content there that won't be posted here so do check it out.Also I recently voulenteered for a photoshoot with my friend Aethriatan ( The result is crisp and clean with strong shadows, just the way I like it!
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Yeah, I don't write a lot of journals. Then again I'm not too active here in general. Anyhow, it's been over a month since I began my studies at the Novia University of Applied Sciences and so far so good, it feels good to be studying art again and meeting new people. My friend Aethriatan (, has uploaded a short film we made as a group project for our introduction course on his youtube channel. Check it out! It was nice to practice my "acting skills" again. Also, bloopers That's all for now, I'll be back with more works soon enough!
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"Riku, an unemplyed and broke junkie goes out to score some more. Riku sinks low in his desperation to ease his addiction. But everything has it's consequences..." Genre: Comedy/Thriller Runtime: About 15 min. I just thought I'd share this amazing and fun short film that a friend of mine recently finished! The main character is played by one of my best friends, who also happenes to be the composer of the original music for "Jake". I can also note that I play a small role in it myself, see if you can spot me. Check it out!
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Ohhhh wow, Ben/Pene, I havent seen you in years!!! XD how have you been? :D it sure has been a long time, but it's great to see you're still drawing and being creative! Your latest work does look fantastic too, gorgeous colouring and development of your style, omg :O I need to start following people with this account, haha... xD

Thank you and likewise, likewise.

Yeah it's been long, I've spent the past 3 years illustrating a book, finishing my bachelor's in fine arts, working and dealing with the heaps of shit life can throw at you. I'm currently finishing an other set illustrations for a grammar workbook for third-graders. Also trying to increase my online presence and drawing skills since I don't find working unfulfilling jobs 40+ hours a week as a viable option anymore. Though most of my efforts will be focused on ArtStation, I'll still try to drop by and check on old friends over here.

What about you? I see that DBZ is the shit right now, good stuff!

Ahhh wow you really have been busy the past few years then! :O funny enough, 3 years ago was when I was starting to really struggle with art motivation anymore. Only just over a year ago, my art flare returned - and it was thanks to getting into Dragon Ball Super art haha (I never imagined I would switch to THAT franchise!)

I also quit my 40+ hour job a couple months ago because my depression and general unhappiness & lack of art time was just getting worse (and I wasnt happy at the job anyway), I now only work about 15-25 hours a week at another job, it's less money but I feel a LOT better now - and I can accept commissions again ^^;

I'm not as active on DA now (mainly on Twitter nowadays) but I still come here to post stuff. I use my other accounts whenever I have some Crash or original art to post ^^ (this one is exclusive for DB art)

Either way I still follow and support friends who draw whatever they like, so even if I change fandoms, it doesnt change me, myself heh. So I look forward to seeing what you do!

Oh yeah, are you hyped for CTR Nitro Fueled too? I sure am! :D

Yeah, having disposable income is nice and all. But if it drains one's energy and desire for self-actualization, then in the long run, it might not be worth it. Balance is key I guess.

And shit yeah I'm hyped for some CTR, the online mode coupled with CNK characters and tracks... it's going to be fucking diabolical. I have no choice but to buy a PS4 now.
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How do you feel with the "pene/dick" comments? xDD
You get used to it.