My son receives his works of art....

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Thank you, thank you, thank you... This event, contest, the meaning of it, everything... he was not expecting this... He was and is deeply moved. He loves them and brought feelings to him that I haven't seen in a long time...and a sense of personal pride in his original drawings and how he inspired you to create such amazing works.

You guys MADE his Christmas and so much more than that!

I sent many many artworks, images of his dream land and letters of both connection and inspiration to him... it made him happier than you can imagine... thank you, thank you, thank you! (I sent them rush from one continent to another and it made it on time, in two days!!!)

Here are the best quality pics that came out. The lighting was dark so it made it difficult to get good images of every image that I sent him and that he loves... from you guys!!!!!!!!!!   Much love and thanks to all!!!!!

Blessings, Gwyneth

 To WXKO TheGreatMC Wesley-Souza Nesmaty Energiaelca1 keokotheshadowfang D-A-Skelly SybilThorn katTink astgart alphadevilll jennystokes CharllieeArts and EVERYONE that joined the contest, donated prizes, their hearts, their prayers, and gave features too!
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Goodness, seeing these photos and his expressions really brought a warmth to my soul! I am so glad I saw the contest and participated!
I hope now that he will continue to share his art with the world! He is truely an inspiration! :3
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Yea... hee hee.. was pretty amazing is so many ways... makes me smile, proud and so thank ful! <3
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This is just awesome. In the second photo, he couldn't believe
his eyes :love:
So glad he had an amazing Christmas :happybounce:
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I know! Thanks to you all here he did! I can't thank you all enough!!!
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was a contest amazing and it did make me feel very happy. thank you so much. :heart:
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Best-Wishes by KmyGraphic

So very pleased Wesley enjoyed the inspirations his drawings created. May his artwork give him many, many happy hours~Delice
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Wesley-Souza  Supported and hosted the contest, bless him. My son is Gareth or a.k.a. Grey and yes he did!!! It was/is wonderful!  Hugs By Kmygraphic-d6p22hy by Pendragon-Arts  
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How wonderful..............I do hope Wesley will begin his art again.
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Wesley-Souza  Supported and hosted the contest, bless him. My son is Gareth or a.k.a. Grey and I really hope so too! Pink Flowers By Kmygraphic-d77hlez by Pendragon-Arts  
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Oh I am so sorry......I do hope he does.
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no worries darling!*Muah*
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priceless reactions :)
Mission Success.It was a lovely contest.Merry christmas and a very happy new year everybody :D
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Indeed! We rock! Thank you soooo much!!!! Thank You By Kmygraphic-d6pehuy by Pendragon-Arts  
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What an incredible response from your son to the art works created from his inspirational drawings. Bless his heart. Thanks to The-Imaginarium for holding the contest and for all the support you and your son have received. DA is an amazing community with members that are willing to go out of their way to make another person's day very special :heart:
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Yes, thanks to the The-Imaginarium and Wesley-Souza  for hosting the event and so much work he did! He made all of it possible!!! I feel so very blessed and it was so wonderful to see the pics too!!!
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I'm happy that I could help! :D 

Belated Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your family!
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It was wonderful and Thank You Plz By Erkillers-d39bhr8 by Pendragon-Arts   for you amazing work of art!!!
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I am so very glad that he had a good Christmas!
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