Epic Art Feature Me vs DA Fight!

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Amazing Arts

Epic Art Feature; Me vs. DA- FIGHT! ;)

I wanted to share my endless thank you for your support, your kindness and to share some of the amazing works I have come across lately on DA... It's taken me a whole month to build up the energy to try this mess again, lmao!

This time, the same thing happened but with my latest artwork... I went to edit it and dedicate it and it all... everything, all the words, stocks listed.... everything disappeared!!! Blaaa... so I have to start that over again. How are you all? How is live going for you? This is my latest work, a remix and reinterpretation, maybe a longer history of what may have happened to the classic story of Red Riding Hood years after...

Red is a Name, Fate, Vengence and Blood by PendragonArts-GEA

I highly recommend listening to this song while enjoying this feature. Take my word for it... epic art with epic music! :heart:

And with out further ado, the stars of this feature!!!!

 Forbidden Ritual by JayGraphixx

Secret In Her Eyes ........... by pjenz

Waterlogged throne by Julianez 


 Odin's Divine Warrior by marcosnogueiracb

The Offering by kimsol

Out on a Limb by LoloAgain

Leap of Faith by Rowye

Mermaid by KarinClaessonArt

Reward by Black-B-o-x

Choices by kuschelirmel

My Little World by Secretadmires

Peace and War by HILIF

Love in the dark by Julianez

magical Forest by mrscats

Lake 's girl by jiajenn

Shackles of conscience by WhimsicalBlue

Approaching Storm by Rowdy-Dawg

Duality by adrianoampb

The Dragon Tamer by FrostAlexis

Reality Warper by RReddVar

Simply by MoAChuuuttt

The One for Me is You by StarsColdNight

Aquarius by Renata-s-art

Ashes of Time by moonchild-ljilja

The Shelter by Cold-Tommy-Gin

Shipwreck.. by AledJonesDigitalArt

Red Riding Hoood (updated) by JassysART

ODIN - Clash of Gods by The-Last-Phantom

White Spring by EligoDesign

Castle Mespelbrunn surreal by Panartias

Where Tigers Roam by Branka-Artz

The Letter (Commission) by fhelalr

Forbidden Kingdom by Mr-Ripley

Lost by L-inda

Goddess Worship by ralfw666

Fantasy Bird for  Bronwyn! by mockingbirdontree

Ranger'sWrath by IlluminatingDreamz

Dead's Army by annewipf

Goddess of Life by Wesley-Souza

Yuna by Lior-Art

I'm on the Highway to Hell... Don't stop me!! by Ellysiumn

Psst Send Another Tweet by Rowdy-Dawg

Amadiz Princess by Lolita-Artz

.:Amethyst:. by SummerDreams-Art

Queen of the Damned by debNise

The age of fear! by CharllieeArts

The Witches by lauraypablo

Angel Trish^^ by Lady-Ariana-Croft

Fairy of desires by CarmensArts

The Canadian Corps of Engineers by Can-Cat

Scarlett and the 63 Nova SS the last parade. by awesome43

Rainy windows by thegirlcansmile

Under The Spring rain by Energiaelca1

I will fight by Kallaria

Snow fairy and the Dragon by TinaLouiseUk

Winter scene 2017 by nudagimo

Home sweet home by AmethystRaven-Art

Skin by KatitziArt
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Thank you so much for this feature dear! It's wonderful