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Year of the Earth Dog 2018

1305895662 Copyright Tag For Deviants 4 By Rclarkj by Pendragon-Arts  Stop! This image is copyrighted, registration code: COS1VsOcyNtDmYZv through and through DA's common license. You do not have permission to alter this image at in any way. You may not reupload it after downloading it or share it in anyway without a direct link that is a copy/paste URL link back to this page, then naming Pendragon Arts as the artist and the art title, giving me full and proper credit. Then you also must comment here where exactly is shared and give me a copy/pasted direct url link to where it has been shared.… Gweneth By Katzaphire-daix5od by Pendragon-Arts

Created for the awesome challenge "Year of the Dog" and celebration of the Chinese New Year/Spring Festival 2018. This being naturally, the year of the Earth Dog. :heart:  The Year Of The Dog CLOSED! NEW DEADLINE - March 10th
Hello friends!

On February 16 the 2018 Chinese New Year begins.

It will be the Year of the Dog.

Let's pay tribute to this beautiful animal, man’s best friend, in our new challenge...

Poster by Lora-Vysotskaya, images from

This time we don’t limit your imagination with any required stock. 
Feel free to use ANY legitimate image of a DOG in your photomanipulation (statues and toys are allowed as well).
But please  NO WOLVES.  

Here are some wonderful works for your inspiration (don’t copy please):
at awesome :iconstewed-tomatoes:

Though I wasn't a fan of this work... and often I  feel that way with all of my works, this was done for me as a last moment creation. My work flow and process is very slow compared to others so I am both happy, surprised and feel very humbled to have been considered for an Honorable mention from this wonderful challenge by the judges and the group :iconstewed-tomatoes:

I chose a Chow Chow for this challenge because of it's distinct Asian/Chinese lineage. :heart:

" An Oriental Masterpiece -
    The Chow Chow

    "What kind of dog is that? It looks like a bear!"

    "Mom, that lady's got a lion on a leash!"

    "How did that dog get a black tongue?"

    Definitely one of the most impressive of all dogs, the Chow Chow is an awesome creature with his lion-like appearance and regal manner. With puppies that look like walking teddy bears, it's no wonder that the Chow is one of the most admired breeds today.

    More than 2,000 years old, the Chow was bred to be an all-around working dog capable of surviving in a hostile environment. Hunting, herding, guarding, pulling sleds the Chow could do it all. First kept by fierce Mongolian tribes in China as a hunting and guard dog, the Chow was also used for their meat and fur. The true origin of the breed is unknown; some historians believe it descends from ancient Roman Mastiff-type dogs crossed with Spitz types. Others believe the Chow is the ancestor of the modern Spitz group of dogs as well as the Akita and Shar-Pei."…


Models :…

Main Background:…

Celebration lanterns:…
Little Dragons… and her account is here :iconmoonchild-ljilja:
Tree: Magic Trees png
 and: Fantasy Tree png
Hair: Male Hair 6 Painted Instant hair PNG add on stock
Moon: Moon - psd
Lotus: Lotus png
Bamboo: Bamboo PNGs_Rendered by Cactuskim
Stones: Mossy Rocks
Water: Water Lilies and Ripples
   and: Turquoise Water
Apple blossom branch: branch of apple blossoms
Koi: Koi 1 stock
Chinese architectural arch/Paifang: Chinese garden Stock 38

                                                           I would like to express how deeply thankful I am to all the amazing stock providers that share out of the generosity
                                                                       of their hearts and to encourage artists like me by providing such fantastic stocks for us to work with.
                                                                                         Heart Heart Heart THANK YOU ALL STOCK PROVIDERS! Heart Heart Heart

                                                                     THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH IN ADVANCE FOR THOSE THAT HAPPEN TO STOP BY, FAVE AND EVEN LEAVE A
                                                                    COMMENT OF SINCERE APPRECIATION OR EVEN AN ENCOURAGING CRITIQUE. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO
                                                                    ALL OF YOU THAT FEEL INSPIRED TO, ENCOURAGING ME ON MY ARTISTIC JOURNEY,  SO AGAIN, THANK YOU. :heart;

                                                                                                                   Feel free to check out my gallery! Heart
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PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
Thank you so much for your wonderful words and support! :heart:
KeyLime77's avatar
Amazing work, and cute furry dog. :)
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
OrdoGemini's avatar
Really nice, I like the depth of field, the calm atmosphere and the soft and well done lights :) (Smile) 
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
Oh, thank you soooo much!!!! I created this for Lora's group and it was a really fun theme and got to use several of my stocks I love but the theme never fits. I didn't have much time to get it done so it was a real rush job. :heart: :tighthug:
AimeeGemini-art's avatar
This is so beautiful and cute with great details and colors. Heart 
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
Oh darling thank youuuuuu!!!!! :glomp:
Mr-Ripley's avatar
wonderful concept Gwyneth. It's dog year, right? that explains why I have lots of troubles with dogs lately. Three stray dogs came into my fence and destroyed many things this week. Hard to catch them though. ;)
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
Thank you so much Tom! I've been away from quite some time for various reasons and also learning more about painting too so please forgive my absence! It is so good to hear from you and so much love to you. Guess what? I have found my family in England and I have a gorgeous niece that is half Thai! She's so beautiful!
Mr-Ripley's avatar
Congrats on meeting your family in England. Half western half eastern always look good. :nod:
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
Oh yea, she's gorgeous. Thank you!  My fav ethnic mix are beautiful ebony people with regal, long bodies, high cheek bones mixed with a person from India... just so exotic and beautiful to me and there eyes are so deep and big... you can get lost in them. :heart:
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cute, just lovely
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
Amanda-Kulp's avatar
Adorable! Very beautiful colors and lighting. 
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
Oh thank you so much darling!!!!! :glomp:
Amanda-Kulp's avatar
You are most welcome 😘🌹
Wesley-Souza's avatar
Very beautiful work :love: nice colors and details :clap:
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
Wesley, thank you so very much for your kind words and support. :tighthug: :love: :happybounce:
MayTijssen's avatar
This is such a cute and beautiful scene! Absolutely love it! Heart Heart Heart 
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
Thank you sooooooooooo much!!!!!!!! :glomp:
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OrangeRoses by KmyGraphic Congratulation by KmyGraphic

your Deviation Its Beautiful by KmyGraphic and now featured by :iconlove2manip:

Best Wishes by KmyGraphic
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Thank you Jassy darling!!!!!!!!!!!! :glomp: :happybounce:
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