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Savage Garden

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Gweneth By Katzaphire-daix5od by Pendragon-Arts 

For the fantastic muse and challenge from StarsColdNight and her group's contest: Halloween contest 2017 - WINNERS
w00t! Hi there!

 The theme was voted and there was a close match between these two, and for me the second seems like a bigger scenario theme, so you can choose any of them and create something just for this contest!
:bulletgreen: Witches and pumpkins. :bulletgreen: 
:bulletorange: Portray a creepy scene living in your mind. :bulletorange: 

We are still looking for more PRIZES donations, we have all the points we needed now! 
Feel free to send a note or comment for anything you want to donate. You will be add to our donators list, have one work submit in the VIP folder at HighQualityArt and featured in all my groups :) (Smile)
You can still participate even if you donate prizes.
We w

I am deeply honored and thankful to, my strong surprise, lol, that I was selected for third place in this epic contest! Thank you so much to everyone!

(It's not quite as good as I was hoping for but I was in a rush and in general pleased with it. It at least conveys the basic concept in my mind's eye. :) )

This work comes from within the mouth of a vampire that feasts off, from the savage garden and lives within it, taking from the Anne Rice books and her character Lestat. The once human is both drained, food for the vampire but also losing her mortality as she has also been chosen to undergo the change and become one too. Her life, her humanity and body being slowly digested by the drinking vampire and by the hours that pass as she changes. Life is indeed a Savage Garden.

“In spite of all the refinements of civilization that conspired to make art--the dizzying perfection of the string quartet or the sprawling grandeur of Fragonard's canvases--beauty was savage. It was as dangerous and lawless as the earth had been eons before man had one single coherent thought in his head or wrote codes of conduct on tablets of clay. Beauty was a Savage Garden.”
― Anne Rice, The Vampire Lestat

“In this Savage Garden, these innocent ones belonged in the vampire’s arms.” – Lestat

 “But let me be a lover in the Savage Garden with you, and the light that went out of life would come back in a great burst of glory. Out of mortal flesh I would pass into eternity. I would be one of you.” - Daniel”

― Anne Rice, The Queen of the Damned

“Very few beings really seek knowledge in this world. Mortal or immortal, few really ask. On the contrary, they try to wring from the unknown the answers they have already shaped in their own minds -- justifications, confirmations, forms of consolation without which they can't go on. To really ask is to open the door to the whirlwind. The answer may annihilate the question and the questioner.”
― Anne Rice, The Vampire Lestat

The Beauty of the Savage Garden

The concept of the Savage Garden in the novels of Anne Rice Vampire Chronicles literature is one thought of in the mind of Lestat, a sometime philosopher and articulate hero. The phrase is first seen in The Vampire Lestat, as the perspective hero, is attempting to understand the darkness of the world in which he exists. It begins, first of all, with Lestat’s terror of The Witch’s Place, the location in the forests of his homeland where witches were executed for their crimes against God and man. Lestat experiences a crisis of emotive horror at the thought of these women, men, children, being tortured, murdered, in this exact spot, where he stands, and, it flings back to his terror, alone, in the snow, hounded by a pack of wolves, dying alone, or, perhaps, simply fearing dying alone.

His existentialism stems from what he is beginning to see of the people that surround him, the people that make the world in which he lives, the meaninglessness of their casual cruelty visited upon one another.

I have a glitch occurring in my favorites and all my uncut stocks are kept in that folder and the entire folder isn't showing up. I am having a hard time tracking down the sources of all the stocks because of it. I will do my best.

Model: Eclipse50


General stocks:

Venus Fly Traps: carnivorous plant 4
Egyptian statues: Egyptian Statues Set 2
Flowers: Hibiscus-red, Hibiscus Border, Asiatic Lilly 05, Hyacinth 05, ROSE Render PNG
Border flowers: Bougainvillea 03, Bougainvillea 02
Grass: Grass pngs
Floor: Floors II
Back railing:
Badland 12
Blood puddle: Blood Puddle
Blood drips: STOCK PNG drippy drips
Leafs/bushes: 3D Poison Ivy, 3D Creeping Plants
Vampire Teeth: Individual Fangs
ripples: Zummerfish's Ripples Brushes
Blood and drips: style312

Backwall: Confusion

General Texture: Cloudy Planet, Bokeh light texture 3

Brushes and PS resources:

brushed pattern: Zummerfish's Trees Brushes
veins: Crack Brushes

                                                                I would like to express how deeply thankful I am to all the amazing stock providers that share out of the generosity
                                                                       of their hearts and to encourage artists like me by providing such fantastic stocks for us to work with.
                                                                                         Heart Heart Heart THANK YOU ALL STOCK PROVIDERS! Heart Heart Heart

                                                                     THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH IN ADVANCE FOR THOSE THAT HAPPEN TO STOP BY, FAVE AND EVEN LEAVE A
                                                                    COMMENT OF SINCERE APPRECIATION OR EVEN AN ENCOURAGING CRITIQUE. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO
                                                                    ALL OF YOU THAT FEEL INSPIRED TO, ENCOURAGING ME ON MY ARTISTIC JOURNEY,  SO AGAIN, THANK YOU. Heart

                                                                                                                   Feel free to check out my gallery!
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Thank you so much! I'm so sorry I didn't see this earlier. I completely missed it. Forgive me? :heart:
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You're Welcome by CapnDeek373  Never too late! :ahoy:
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Thank you so much Wesley... I am so thankful, humbled and honored! :huggle: :heart: :love:
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Thank you so very much! I am honored and humbled. :heart:
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Awesome concept. Congratulations on your win, Gwyneth :clap:
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This is really creative
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Thank you very much! :heart:
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Awesome job on this one, scariest carnivore plant I've seen yet. :P Also very nice coloring, congrats on the 3rd place! :D :heart:
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Thank you my friend now where is my coloring book and crayons as my reward!?! lmao!!! and :p :p :p back... it's a theme and symbolism dammit! lol Honestly, like you've seen... I really didn't expect this, Wasn't happy with it, and so it comes as quite a shock... thanks sweetie! and You're next so better watch out! >>>>>…
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You would wish that for me? :(
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You goof!!!! XDDDDD!!!!
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HERE'S YOUR MAGIC PLACESparkle out of the hat 

Little Pixel Heart  Eulogistic comment Little Pixel Heart 

The mouth of the vampire has in its interior the carnivorous plant * dionaea muscipula * ...;
The plant has caught a dam ...; the blood is perfectly achieved by dripping
Among remains of leaves .., in the upper part of the composition two tusks are well located, one in each corner; the garden represents an excellent personification ...; the gloomy colors are fantastic...; great concept!!!!!!!!
Brilliant creation!!!!!!!!Thank You (18) for sharing your Art between us!!!!!! Get Together 

                                     Marvelous achieved-MAJESTIC-DA by GothLyllyOn
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Thank you so much! Your kind words, analysis, thoughts and acceptance.... just thank you!!!!!! :heart:
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:wave: Congratulations! You won 3º place in your category at the Halloween contest by My groups! Your prizes will be delivered within this week, thank you! :party: 
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I totally never expected to.. there were sooooooooo many amazing entries... wow, I am so honored, humbled and deeply thankful! :heart: :tighthug:
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WOW One of your best works :wow: Really amazing :clap: Great colors, concept and composition :love:
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
Are you serious? Really? No joke? You're not just being nice? I thought this piece came out so badly and have been kicking myself about it... I just hurried to get it out and finished before the deadline... Thank you Wesley!  :heart:
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