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Murder in the Heavens

1305895662 Copyright Tag For Deviants 4 By Rclarkj by Pendragon-Arts   Stop! This image is copyrighted, registration code: Jq4Ccs5GZ0yLHEOb
through and through DA's common license. You do not have permission to alter this
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View copyright here >>>>… Gweneth By Katzaphire-daix5od by Pendragon-Arts

Created for Wesley-Souza's Short Challenge #42 and am so thankful to have placed 4th in this wonderful and fun challenge!  Short Challenge #42 - Winners

Total score: 32

Total score: 22

Total score: 17

Total score: 15

Total score: 14

Choose the stock for the next Short Challenge:
Votes: Short Challenge #42 - VOTES
The-Imaginarium Short Challenge.
Stock Required

Will have 5 winners.

I chose this stock: NINJA STOCK III by PhelanDavion

Model 1: already listed above

Sky: Mad Sky 10 Wide
Mt. Fuji:…
Heavens "ground": From above8

Cherry tree: Cherry Blossoms Stock 11
                 Cherry Tree PNG Stock Pack

tree pretending to be a bush: Magic Trees png

Japanese castle: Himeji Jyou

Buddha overlay: Sunrise Buddha

for color and ambiance: Premade Background 21
                                 Mountain Stock 1
                                 Background Night Sky
Behind screen: Darkness Descends

Screen: Japanese Garden 09

Textures: Morning Sun Texture
              757 Blue Mana Sweep

Brushes: Zummerfish's Ripples Brushes
             Resources: Sunray Brushes

                                                               I would like to express how deeply thankful I am to all the amazing stock providers that share out of the generosity
                                                                       of their hearts and to encourage artists like me by providing such fantastic stocks for us to work with.
                                                                                         Heart Heart Heart THANK YOU ALL STOCK PROVIDERS! Heart Heart Heart

                                                                     THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH IN ADVANCE FOR THOSE THAT HAPPEN TO STOP BY, FAVE AND EVEN LEAVE A
                                                                    COMMENT OF SINCERE APPRECIATION OR EVEN AN ENCOURAGING CRITIQUE. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO
                                                                    ALL OF YOU THAT FEEL INSPIRED TO, ENCOURAGING ME ON MY ARTISTIC JOURNEY,  SO AGAIN, THANK YOU. Heart

                                                                                                                   Feel free to check out my gallery!
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Gwendolyn1's avatar
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
Thank you so much... just seeing this and you are missed here on DA. :tighthug:
Panartias's avatar
Where do you take the inspiration from?
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
Many things... I guess I have in the box and out of the box thinking, XD!!!! For this, the actual inspiration was from the actual stock, so my muse and inspirations actually change or come from different places. :heart:
Panartias's avatar
Interesting - beautiful work anyway!
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
Thank you? lolol  Not sure what to say... it seems like a double comment or something that you are please with but also disappointed in at the same time.
Panartias's avatar
It was meant as a compliment - I'm not disapointed in any way!
AliaUmba's avatar
Dark, yet still as light as heaven. You really made a good work
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
Thank you so much! :heart:
LoloAgain's avatar
Congratulations on your win Cheerleader 
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
Thank you so much! I was so surprised and so happy too! :heart:
Rowdy-Dawg's avatar
Congratulations! :)
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
Thank you my friend!!! I wish you a wonderful and happy holiday season!!!
Rowdy-Dawg's avatar
And I wish you and your family the same :)
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
Thank you so much my friend. :heart:
CharllieeArts's avatar
My pleasure dear!:heart:
Wesley-Souza's avatar
Gold Star Sticker Icon Congratulation you are one of the winners of Short Challenge #42 - Winners Gold Star Sticker Icon
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
Serioulsy?????????? :omg-whut: :floweromfg:  :shocked:  Omg, thank you!
Rowye's avatar
I like how you went about color on this one. :) Lovely composition too, best wishes for the challenge!! :heart:
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
I can tell ya roughly... it's always a matter of experiment and luck, imho, lmao! Thanks though darling but I don't stand a chance of winning but it was great fun and my first time in one of Wesley's challenges. :heart:  (Btw, thanks doll for your friendship, support and as always, your inspiration)
Rowye's avatar
Hahaha well if you just remember the times you were lucky, I'm sure there's a pattern you can learn. xD
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