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Freyja the Volva of Vanaheim

Freyja the Völva of Vanaheim

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I would like to thank ART Feature

                                  More exposure 88

                                 Featured: Vol. 3

                                 Zesty Zebra - Crystal Barn by Arthur-Ramsey  for featuring this project of mine. You have my deepest thanks for your kind and amazing support!

From EveLivesey stock: Blue Rock Pool Premade Background

From CD-STOCK: Metal Work 07
and Runes Pouch by CD-STOCK

From YBsilon-Stock: Nature Helmet by YBsilon-Stock

Model: Eclipse31

Freyja is many things in Norse/Germanic mythology. She's pretty much the top female goddess and is a Goddess of Vanaheim but is also an honorary member of Aesir and thought also to be another name for the wife to Odin, a.k.a. Frigg.

"Freya is famous for her fondness of love, fertility, beauty, and fine material possessions..."
but she is also famous for her role as the main archetype of the Völva and a practioner of Seidr which was their name for seeress, sorceress and/or witch and the magic they practiced, especially regarding fate and the ability to "reweave" fate, thus her direct connection to the Norse/Germanic runes. Her Rune is F or Fehu and relates to fertility, material possions, weath and health. She is also seen and represented by the Falcon and is said to shift into a falcon when so desired.

Vanaheim was both a psychological state and a physical place in their mythos and pretty much was equal to the wild and all of nature, untamed by humans. Things were regarding as inside the gate or outside the gate... "innangard and utangard". Vanaheim is the place outside the gate.

For more great infor see these two well written but wonderfully explained @… and…

Other stocks used:

Throne: 3D Forest Throne

Falcon: Stock 273: hawk wings spread

Hair: Elven Queen HAIR

2 backgrounds: November forest in Bulgaria / 7 and November forest in Bulgaria / 9

special affects and lighting:

Glow Orb
Fireflies for Photoshop
Premium zummerfish's spooky lights brushes

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Please forgive my late reply. I am not too active here lately. Life is busy my friend. :heart: Thank you so much! Blessings and health to you! :hug:

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  Great fantasy artwork all through your gallery. You are very gifted. Please come see my site and my humble arts.
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Thank you so much... I am so sorry for taking so long to reply. I am just seeing this! I feel so bad. Forgive me? :hug:
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  Yes, of course I forgive you. I know you are busy. 
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Beatiful, pure magic <3
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Thank you so much... I am so sorry for taking so long to reply. I am just seeing this! I feel so bad. Forgive me? :hug:
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Beautiful and mystic - love it!
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Thank you darling! Haven't seen you in forever! How are you? What have you been up to???
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I'm OK - have a bit of a cold.

Mostly tried to fix our inernetconection. You see due to a cange of oure internet provider we were without internet and telefone for over 2 month.
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Uuuuughhhh..... that's Germany for you.... when we first moved into this apartment we had to wait 3 months!!!
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I know, how that must have sucked!
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It did... I learned to play cards with my hubby and then I also learned never to play cards with him again during that time cuz he always kicked my ass, lmao!
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Superb! I love it.
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Sorry for the late reply. Thank you so very much for your kindness and amazing support! :heart:
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Wow, impressive piece of work! :D
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Beautiful artwork, nicely done :)
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Thank you Aled so much! Happy Nos Calan Gaeaf! I hope you are well! Much love to you! :heart:
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Diolch Gwyneth, yes keeping well thank you :D 
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Fantastic and epic work! :love: Keep on doing the good work :D :clap:
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