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Bound Fury

1305895662 Copyright Tag For Deviants 4 By Rclarkj by Pendragon-Arts   Stop! This image is copyrighted, registration code:  d7ENKwsYozYTq3mC through and through DA's common license. You do not have permission to alter this image at in any way. You may not reupload it after downloading it or share it in anyway without a direct link that is a copy/paste URL link back to this page, then naming Pendragon Arts as the artist and the art title, giving me full and proper credit. Then you also must comment here where exactly is shared and give me a copy/pasted direct url link to where it has been shared.… Gweneth By Katzaphire-daix5od by Pendragon-Arts

" My Children’s Eyes"

You're the monster under my bed and in my closet
yet I can't seem to let you go.

You creep into my most private moments
and I'm not sure I could lose you in a crowd
if I tried.

I'm helpless to the hurt you've caused me
and the one I love,
as helpless as I am when you appear
in my nightmares.

Someday your memory will leave
the inside of my eyelids
and I promise you will not exist
in my children’s eyes.

Farah-Anonymous Survivors Poem…

This was created in dedication to all the victims of sexual abuse across the world, all children, all men and and all women, in the past, present and future. It is an epidemic in every society and every culture and the victims are left feeling powerless and voiceless. They are only left with a legacy of shame and anger, often turned inward for something that wasn't their fault. 


Model: based off this wonderful muse: Crimson Peak - Sitting Pose Stock Resource 24

Hair:  Painted following this stock example... sadly, I also ended up using it much more than I wanted to because I was going for a full paint but after over 3 weeks and endless tutorials, I used this along with the final product of my painting. ;) RM - Instant Painted Hair 171

Parchments for all the notes: Old Parchment
                                        Parchment pngs
                                       1021 Burnt Parchment
                                       Old Parchment

Sparks: Firework 34
           Fire 02

Fire: Package - Blaze - 5 by resurgere
       Fire HQ
       Flames by ermbmx2

Barred mouth: caged

Tentacles: STOCK PNG tentacles

Skull chains: STOCK PNG skulls on skulls

Textures: Free Texture #2


Wound and dripping blood: DripBrushes02
                                    Blood and Fleshwounds Brushes

Barbed Wire: Barbed Wire - PS Brushes

Razor wire:  Razorwires

Smoke and chains are in this brush pack: FREE PHOTOSHOP/GIMP BRUSHES! + Explanation

Background: Sky 14
                 Eastern State Penitentiary 1

                                                           I would like to express how deeply thankful I am to all the amazing stock providers that share out of the generosity
                                                                       of their hearts and to encourage artists like me by providing such fantastic stocks for us to work with.
                                                                                         Heart Heart Heart THANK YOU ALL STOCK PROVIDERS! Heart Heart Heart

                                                                     THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH IN ADVANCE FOR THOSE THAT HAPPEN TO STOP BY, FAVE AND EVEN LEAVE A
                                                                    COMMENT OF SINCERE APPRECIATION OR EVEN AN ENCOURAGING CRITIQUE. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO
                                                                    ALL OF YOU THAT FEEL INSPIRED TO, ENCOURAGING ME ON MY ARTISTIC JOURNEY,  SO AGAIN, THANK YOU. :heart;

                                                                                                                   Feel free to check out my gallery! Heart
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Alembic-LynXXX's avatar
Superb and stunning Gallery very beautiful work
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
Thank you so very much! :heart:
Alembic-LynXXX's avatar
Yes that's a very expressive and emotive piece, I'm quite impressed!!
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
This was a very personal work for me. Thank you so much!
Alembic-LynXXX's avatar
You're welcome is quite strong and very defining
marijeberting's avatar
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
This is a really personal work for me. Thank you so much for your support in this work of mine. Many blessings to you. :tighthug:
vampirekingdom's avatar
Featured 47th edition at :iconliliths-realm:
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
Thank you sooooooo much! :tighthug:
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PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
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excellent art,superb concept-like it a lot! ForYou by KmyGraphic
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
Thank you so much! :hug:
YOKOKY's avatar
Heart your welcome
Mr-Ripley's avatar
Awesome and powerful hot tone color, my friend :clap:
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
Thank you!! She was my first full paint too! :glomp:
S-Lana's avatar
Beautiful work!Clap 
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
Bless you! Thank you so much! :tighthug:
Digitiel's avatar
Greatly done, love this composition!Clap 
AscendedArts's avatar
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
Thank you so very much! :heart:
sukidriscollsharkey's avatar
wow absolutly gorgeous <3 <3
PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
Thank you Suki!!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
1chick1's avatar
Beautiful work.
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