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United States
Twenty something artist who graduated high school and Art Instruction Schools home course. I design and make my own games, characters, stories, and other misc. things. I enjoy games of most genres and systems, preferring PC above anything else. I am an artist and Guardian now and always, especially when I don't want to be. I Love Living Life, and that is my motto.

Current Residence: Colorado, on Earth most likely
deviantWEAR sizing preference: 800pixles
Favourite genre of music: Almost any... except polka
Favourite photographer: My freind Sonja so far
Favourite style of art: Ink and colordigital or colored pencil
Operating System: Windows xp
MP3 player of choice: none at this point in time
Favourite cartoon character: Depends on the cartoon
Personal Quote: There is a key difference between the biggest winner and the best player
Okay, so after several attempts at properly organizing everything, I came up with the notion of a vague... "timeline" *doctor evil gestures* for the various story universes and worlds. The main points of division for each story is that certain elements of that stories world classify it as being a "Past/Primitive", "Present/Modern", and "Future/Advanced" world. *Runs out of doctor evil gestures* In each universe, a series of individual worlds floats in the aether, all technically linked together, but mostly unaware of one another. Several stories have had crossovers with others, but for the most part they keep to themselves. Some of my stories have been growing with me since my childhood, and these actually merit multiple generations of worlds. I have done my best to catalog them in order, and make sure to list each character in each generation, if they appear in multiple generations of worlds. Some worlds are actually so surreal and outside the normal flow of reality that they cannot actually be listed in a timeline sense. These worlds are all collected together under the Ethereal universe. This is a necessary universe I feel, because some characters actually pop up in many different worlds over several universes. This is the best way to make sense of them since they might otherwise appear non-canon where they crop up.

Speaking of non-canon, As many will notice, a good portion of my stories don't take place in original worlds. Many take place in worlds from games, stories, and movies that already exist. I hold no shame in saying that the vast majority of my inspiration sprouts out of enjoyable lore and canons that I have grown up with. Any honest artist would admit the same if they thought about the sources of their creativity. I do my best to honor the sources of my creativity rather than pretend it is just a coincidence, but I will also make a point that my stories are non-canon, and any borrowed or referenced characters are not under my domain. In a few fickle cases, I have created whole new characters in the likeness of preexisting ones, and I do consider these to be my unique characters that can exist alongside the original ones that they honor.

As a last point concerning originality and creativity, many have noticed in the past that my characters tend to have familiar sounding names. To this I can only restate the previous paragraph, and also point out that for every drop of visual talent I have, I seem to lack that much in literary talent. Seriously, look at one of my line works, and then look at my hand writing sometime... So I often use names to invoke some reference, or cultural significance. Often in the past, I have even reused names over and over because I really enjoy them or cannot think of something better at the time. This can lead to some confusion among the characters, so I have gone through and done my best to rename those who deserve a more refined identity. I will still lovingly create and recreate these characters designs, and they will still be have the same history, just with an improved, and hopefully deeper range of identities.

With all that being said, I present the archive of stories spawned in the mind of a single dragon. This list is ever growing, and ever improving. I can only hope one day that I shall remember half of the stories forgotten before this list was made, and that because it exists, no future ones shall ever be lost...

Past Universe


Darkest Heart: Kithe, Victoria-Badb, Oren, Auvrey, Nathen, Auntie Wart, Granmother Olga, Jeanne, Raleigh
Cardon, Darcy, Gaele, Garin, Haunze, Jolland, Ludell, Mortagne, Perroy, Rocque, Sauvigni

Feral Diaries: Asena-Lupe/Skoll, Athos, Claudius, Fenris, Greymane, Kathrine, Selma, Valerie-Nightmare, Ullr

Hunted Hunters: Ailiona, Auntie Gretel, Gwenith, Jack, Jeane, Malith, Salem

Dark Waters: Captain Kathrine, Lord Vaughn, Firstmate Margo, Navigator Wendy, Butcher Emma, Cannoneer Marian, Dancer Sidha, Sorcerer Billius

Midknight Chronicals: Brahm, Cleo, Dracula, Kitsue, Midnight, Oblisk, Raiba, Terra,

Nightbrood: Damascos, Kigra, Damian, Hadrian, Sacrie, Lilith, Solaire, Valdez, Salem, Charlotte, Kaleb, Uncle Ivan, Maid Frau, the Marshal, Alexandria Ravencroft, Romanav


D&D Generation I: Bonebreaker, Corrik, Ebrek, Elizabeth, Nightwolf, Olena, Merlin, Skaatch, Tallina, Tordek

D&D Generation II: Adrian, Bellona, Darian, Farah, Grog, Karmin-Ludo, Jackolin, Ky Keaen, Olandar, Sisavra

D&D NPCs: Bugger, Darius, Denalith, Etaos, Gailnith, Genai, Laselreth, Nataeonna, Vainith, Yavin-Arukeni

Rokugan: Dorei, Fuyu, Kota, Natsu, Takida, Taneuma, Suzume, Sango


Diablo: Atalanta, Cordelia, David, Gaile-Linx/Mynx, Kanen, Madawk, Monotia, Xioen, Zael,

Dragon Thrones: Darastrius, Jikmadicha, Jaraxillian, Justine, Llorana, Mikdai, Tornotach, Ricinivex,

Dragoknight Tower: Adalah, Barbatos, Ginnesa, Jonala, Keneth, Laika, Malath, Sausha, Westan, Zander

Gladiators: Atorgh, Deireoe, Horazm, Jehan, Kacea, Kaethe, Kassar, Katre, Neitha, Nerita, Pirasaema, Plexaura, Vakga

Heighlands: Casias, Doloris, Heft, Kammeron, Lorrah, Lidia, Nebin-Flagon, Tannis

Harem Spies: Viserra, Lochlin, Kasya, Nyx (Merium), Dynnaleth and Lynnadeth, Priscilla,  Medina, Big Bixie, Urzra, The master, High priestess lyssa

Skull Pirates: Cassandra, Chiang, Drake, Edrek, Farah-Torga, Graves, Jackal, Pratt, Scylla, Tawnya, Tolban, Wyvern

Warlords: Echidna, Jasmine, Kirrok, Rachael, Vexus

Zonia: Alexandra-Mooneye, Ceriden, Doyenne, Ereck, Gaijin, Hexanna, Sybil, Vance-Cow, Virgil, Xann

Modern Universe


Dark Matters: David, Eternity, Isabel, Jared, Kane, Katelin, Mathew, Miranda, Rathma, Serena, Shuma, Yang, Yin

Darkrow: Calebe, Corcky, Dallas, Darkrow, Fowlcrow, Grampa Akela, Jehkota,

Sorority Slayers: Kasa, Autumn, Darcy, Juda, Jakota, Sarah, Paul & Kenya, Quarterback Laurence, Captain Charles

Midknight Chronicals: Cleo, Dracula, Gerrard, Harris, Midnight, Raquel, Roslyn, Terra,

Morgue: Dr. Demetri, Pamela, Ronald, Roxanna

Virgin Rose: Caesin, Charir, Count Frissitok, Dragus, Engir, Father Deaborah, Gemini twins, Gridiron, Hempkat, Jojoe, Maximoff, Morte, Renfield, Roxie, Styx, Vice, Wampir, Wendy, Xan


Etherlords: Kabal-Cyclops, Nexis-Razor, Nierwes-Mantis, Olivia-Lamia, Virgil-Huntress

Mageknight: Aeradon, Boone, Demethos, Eahna, General Blackwyn, Iann, King Kenaz, Lord Oren, Magus Anunub, Naula, Sausha, Tierra, Willow

Mortal Kombat: Blaze, Emerald Guardian, Ferriman, Tazu, Karina, King Leonal, Midna Screemz, Ruby Guardian, Vuduu

Rough Riders: Adam, Alexis, Daconna, Darian, Erick, Ironmaw, Jessica, Joey, Lacy, Madam Wu, Orion, Raven, Robert, Sondra, Tammy,


Espionage: Everett Lee, Scarlett Garris, Kendall Jackson, Marley, Mister Grey, Mr. Anybody, Mr. Nobody, Mr. Somebody, Stheno, Victor

Kaiju Wars: Connie Matsu, Kasai Hato, Sanjiro Eiyu, Timok Tsubo, Zackery Honda

SLJ Generation I: Asca, Deaborah, Junius, Nurse Cadavre, Mika, Orion/Vega, Rigel, Taurius, Thermal Man

SLJ Generation II: Alfred, Asca, Deaborah, Lindsey/Jeanie, Kimiko, Mavrik, Mika, Nightcowl, Orion/Vega, Platinum Avenger, Pong, Professor Silverback, Rigel, Taurius, The Hissers

X-Men: Aiden(Tiamet), Kato(Neptune), Morgan, Riley, Tavish(Dingo)

Future Universe


Dragun Knights: Ataxia, Bromwell, Ophelia, Sabin, Stygan, Tarus, Tamry, Voranos

Falling Star: Greck, Hexana, Riktor, Venta-Acnot

Starwars: Arahne, Algol, Cygnus, Corvus, Fornax, Lexella, Twila, Tucana, Xanne

Yautja: Camron, Backubb, Dachunde, Dakurr, Gratel, Gronm, Kazra, Larnixva, Predalien, Renegade, Syrie, Zardul


Doom: Adrian, Carmak, Cloud, Donna, Gregor, Jackson, Johnson, Kevin, Peterson, Punchaz, Romero, Sandy,

Midknight Chronicals: Alraune, Dante, Dracula, Kaine, Lucas, Maxime, Midnight, Skull Meister, Sonia, Terra,

Steampunk Slayers: Dracula, Dr. Abraham, Harkins, Jeon, Lucy, Kathrine, Maddie, Quincy, Sigfried, Talbot


Accountants: Althia, Able, Cane, David, Goliath, Maria, Vieka,

Bounty Hunters: Arren, Cephus, Dracko, Lyria, Ursera

Unreal Warfare: Arclite, Axon, Cannonball, Jackob, Lauren, Malcom, Nyssa, Romulus, Remis, Sapphire, Satin, Selig, Torch

Ethereal Universes

Animus: Arcanine, Crimson, Ember, Flagon, Fowlcrow, Jade, Jasmine, Jasper, Kiki, Lynxy, Muio Loco, Sylvester, Vegan Hound, Viridian, Weregecko, Wereweenie

Divinities: Anakaris, Angelo, Blind King, Deaborah, Gabriel, Hunter V, Izuil, Nekron, Nolia, Persephone, Unseen Queen, Vivane, Xillian, Zekial

OldeSchool I: Anklo, Antisaur, Bibot, Brach, Dila, Evyleye, King Kthode, Omnisaur, Necky, Razor, Reks, Rocky, Senseisaur, Shoon, Stego, Tops, Tribot, Unobot

OldeSchool II: Antisaur, Asclaweya, Brach, Chrony, Devisaur, Dila, Donn, Dream Emperor, Frostbite, Necky, Professor Xtinction, Razor, Reks, Shanna, Shoon, Tops, Vega,

OldeSchool III: Amon, Antisaur, Asca, Bibot, Brach, Chrony, Coel, Dila, Donn, Evyleye, Migen, Milo, Necky, Omnisaur, Professor Xtinction, Razor, Reks, Rocky, Shoon, Shantaya, Tops, Tribot, Unobot, Ursa, Vanessa, Vega, Velo, Voidisaur

  • Listening to: Northernlion: Binding of Isaac
  • Reading: Journal entry
  • Watching: Computer
  • Playing: Guildwars 2
  • Eating: Breakfest
  • Drinking: pepsi soon... NOW


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