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Well I thought it was high time those of you who don't watch me on :iconmollinda: Mollinda knew what was going on in my life!

  • I'm really, really cold. England is snow covered. Cold but super pretty!
  • My aunt died on Friday night, and I didn't find out until sunday night :( Sad times.
  • Uni is going okay. Just SO MUCH WORK :crying: - no time for creativity at all :( I have textures to upload just no time to edit and upload them.

That's about it. Anything new with you?

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Oh my D:

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So this happened ---> Mollinda :dummy:

MY INTERNET TIME HAS GONE CRAZY! I don't have time to log in here as much as I would like to, so please note me over on :devmollinda if you need me desperately!

And now to look at all your messages and notes :dummy:

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I apologise.

I am busy, going to be busier and have slightly fallen out of love with stock :( If I'm honest my health isn't marv at the moment so multiple accounts just isn't working well :(

I will come back in and reply to messages and notes as much as I can but if there's anything urgent please come and contact me over on Mollinda :heart: I have much more entertaining things to look at over there anyway. Like my arse and bees.

Keep up the amazing work my lovelies :peace:


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So as of tomorrow UnicornReality will go back to being a senior after a long time serving us as a GM. I can honestly say that no one has ever shown as much passion and love for the stock galleries as Fiona has and I would love it if everyone could go and thank her for being awesome. Make sure you include :iconannoyingorangeplz: in your message B-)

So who got her last DD? Me. Quite right too, I deserve it for being married to her :B I kid, we're not married, she just nags me so much I think she's my wife :iconstaresplz:


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Molly Stuffs

Well guys I've had my degree show and now I have the whole Summer to waste before I start teacher training in September! I'm looking forward to it - particularly getting my results in July. My aunt has promised me one of the mega Asian cakes from Bradford (they have them at Muslim weddings apparently) if I get a first! It's unlikely but the promise of cake of epic proportions is giving me hope :iconanimefaceplz:

Exciting things are happening

:star: UnicornReality joannastar and Platinus are all stepping down as GM on the same day and they're having a MASSIVE party in #CommunityRelations on the 27th June communityrelations.deviantart.… :la: BE THERE OR BE SQUARE PEOPLE!
:star: WingIt-Stock are having a contest… (run by Fantasy-Stock ) and it is huge! You can win points and subs and more :dummy: If you need an excuse to make pretty fairy pictures HERE IT IS!
:star: There's going to be a massive devMEET in Manchester on 7th August for DA's 10th birthday and guess who's going? OH YES THAT WOULD BE ME! :la: There's a newsletter here with details of the find-a-fella contest… but I will be doing special things on the day too - let's just say it involves brightly coloured envelopes, art by myself and kangel and possibly some points and subs and whatnot. It will be EPIC. Let me know if you're going and we'll see if you can carshare with anyone else ^_^ Other people who are going include UnicornReality, kangel and ClickClickBangUK :la:


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Mature Content

Desert Dancer - J - 3 by mjranum-stock
Spiritmaster 133 by Elandria

Mature Content

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