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By pendlestock

I am blessed to live in a part of the world where Industrial Decay meets rolling golden meadows seamlessly, so for me stock hunting is a breeze. Newer stockers sometimes get a little baffled about where to actually find good stock so I thought I'd do a step by step guide of how to find great subjects for stock and resources!

At Home

There are things in your own home you won't even think about photographing but they will be endless textures, objects and more that would be useful as stock. Wall paper (if it's peeling off, even better!), fabric on curtains and upholstery, objects, pets... believe me, once you look upon your surroundings with fresh eyes you'll find them!
Burly by namespace upstairs by GRANNYSATTICSTOCK Carpet 03 by DH-Textures Texture Mould by NickiStock Stock Texture 005 by Vivo-en-noctem :thumb88942720: grannys curves by GRANNYSATTICSTOCK Hallway by Trisa-Sxy-Stock Silver Ornaments 1 by HiddenYume-stock I can see clearly now.... by chop-stock Animal stock II by Wiggle-It Blue Jars by ThornErose-Stock

In the Garden

Your garden, your friends, the local park - wherever - they all contain beautiful flowers and textures and make wonderful background scenery.
Stock 017- Arch by synconi-stock Orange Church Rose by Queenselphie Miscellaneous Red Flower 3 by FantasyStock :thumb90361735: :thumb89721293: Falln Garden 2008 1 by Falln-Stock Miscellaneous Purple Flowers 2 by FantasyStock Purple Yellow Polkaface Pansy by Gracies-Stock Moth on my garden 10 by carinaD-stock nest by GRANNYSATTICSTOCK Childrens Garden 29 by DR-Kay Moon globe by MellissaAF

In your City

If you are an urban dweller, then don't forget that alley ways, cityscapes, textures of decay and rust and even seemingly boring things like fire escapes and post boxes are great stock resources.
Sp1 by Simplicity-Stock 50 by COCO-STOCK Gum Wall I pack by Baq-Stock Market Place 4 by kof2e2ad2ikt Shanghai 11 by almudena-stock Stock 286 - Edmonton Skyline by pink-stock dove by ShusikStock Decaying city stock 17 by hatestock City Grunge 2 Pack by Baq-Stock Stock English Post Box by Sheiabah-Stock graffito 11 by vlem-stock :thumb87846403:

On your Holidays

A great opportunity for a new setting - fabulous for exotic backdrops and atmospheric seascapes.
Lovely Day at the Bay 4 by FantasyStock Mylos by GreeceStock Old White Lighthouse -Bottom by Gracies-Stock :thumb73171619: :thumb73170064: Dancer by InToXiCaTeD--StOcK Cityscape 1 by Bogstock place1_magnesina by magnesina-stock Sunset on Monterey Bay by WillDBill Bubblecious by 70hn Cityscape 4 by Bogstock Denmark - House by Deaths-stock

Getting Creative

Wrap yourself in a sheet and do some model stock, or open photoshop and tweak those random texture photographs into something altogether more fabulous! If you're really brave, crack out the paint and make your own in a more traditional way - messy, but worth it!
:thumb87330413: In White 3 by Lisajen-stock :thumb80168201: ancient roman - enthusiasm by indeed-stock

Mature Content

Swan 5 by almudena-stock
Organza Dream 1 by almudena-stock Textures To Inspire You V. I by buffydoesbroadcast Monoprint 18 by pendlestock :thumb81158339: Ecstacy by dazzle-textures splattersplatter by killcaiti-stock :thumb88029487: Paper Textures Pack 1 by blacklacestock stock-texture-paint by ShirazFan Texture - Flustration Splatter by dom90nic Spray Paint 004 by KangelStock

Getting Risky

Derelict buildings are stunning, offering unique stock photograph and texture opportunities. HOWEVER, they are very dangerous so if you want to try your hand at exploration, avoid going upstairs and if you do, stay on beams and supports so if your leg goes through the floor, the only thing that breaks is your ego. Trust me, I've done it.
For nice safe ruins, try protected sites such as National Trust (uk) protected castles and abbeys.
:thumb88668538: Upstairs...? by hyannah77-stock Train Station 21 by sd-stock Another Old Window, 7 by FoxStox Graffiti hallway by gabriella-stock :thumb74388032: :thumb63849510: W a l l p a p e r by KornKidSamStock H o t e l 4 by KornKidSamStock architecture stock 14 by huomennastock architecture stock 14 by huomennastock abandoned 7 by cubstock Decaying Whitewash - Texture by Sleek-Stock Colourful Rust 8 by emothic-stock italy texture 2 by Kerbi-stock Japanese Wall by funeralStock Old Matress Springs 3 by PariahRisingSTOCKS Rusty Texture 3 by PariahRisingSTOCKS Stock Texture 004 by Vivo-en-noctem Peeling 7 by Special-K-001 :thumb56917210:

Getting Acquainted

The DeviantART stock and resource community is a strong one, so why not come and meet us in our chat rooms #ARstock and #Resources. We are always happy to offer advice and support, but you're welcome just to observe the strange goings on... usually involving cake and unicorns... :paranoid:

Hope this helps the newer stock artists out there, so happy stock hunting :peace:

If you have any questions, don't forget our Gallery Directors are always happy to help. UnicornReality and Lyastri manage Stock Photographs, znow-white and bleedsopretty manage resources in general and LawrenceDeDark does both - devwatch them all, and you will never miss any important news ever again!
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this is gorgeous.

thank you for the feature! :hug:
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*twitters with love* :D
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Awesome stuff! I'm honored to be among these beautiful textures and stock photos. Thank you for featuring me. :hug:
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Thanks for the feature
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awesome ! very helpful,
and thanks for featuring me!
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I'm going to fave a lot of ur amazing selection :blowkiss:
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Me! Featured!!!!:wow: :faint: ......I'm so .....I don't know what to say....I'm so moved...and tearful...thank u my darling for including my very modest texture work [link] :hug:
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Thanks very much for the feature :D And wonderful article! :clap:
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Thanks for the feature, great article aswell. :-D
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Great reference for us not so gifted photographers!
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I'd say those that have yet to learn that EVERYTHING is a good subject ;)
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Thank God you're so wise and are willing to teach us all the skillz you have! :glomp: Thanks for this!
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Oi you, don't say that like you're not one of my favourite stockers :poke:

Less of it :spank:
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:blushes: Oh, you, what a flatterer! I LOVE IT. :lick:
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heya! thanks for the feature!
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Thank you, dear. :blowkiss:
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Awesome tips for a stock noob like me! :#1: :heart:
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You are so not! You may not have been making it long but you've been using it a long while ;)
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You're right, I have. :D But shooting stock is quite different. Although I just try to think what would I want to see as a manipulator.:nod: But I have learned tons this week!
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