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Reflections of a glass cavinaugh

Dedicated to Threshold; thanks for the trees

    A glass forest, the sound of glass growing; like ice cracking.  
Spires flew up in the distance curving up to thin, sharp points. A  
glass castle lay far, far in the distance. I started walking, then  
running. Suddenly a floating creature in a black cloak burst out of  
the forest several glass spire crashed about me. The creature turned  
his head slightly and then shoved me backwards into the forest; I woke  
up, screaming bloody mary.

    "and 'ow do you feel about tat?"
    "frustrated; because you keep ASKING ME THAT!!"
    "Aha! Anger towards ozers iz commun amongst toze tat are mentally  
deranged!" he said waving his pencil at me and making large sweeping  
    "You know what I think?"
    "No, Vhat?
    " I think your A QUACK!!!"
    "Your BLanching!"
    "how much is this session?"
    "sefenty five dollas ahn hower."
    "how long have we been talking?"
    "oh.. About ten minutes."
    "good cause IM leaving!"
    "no thank you, captain Quack!"
    "uuuugh!" I said rolling my eyes.

    "Glass Dorian Cavinaugh!"
    "calm down mom! He was only the best quack in town!"
    "he's also very expensive!"
    "so it only cost you twelve dollars and fifty cents!"
    "For TEN minutes! He could have billed you for the whole thing!"
    "yeah! BUT HE DIDNT!"
    "so he was honorable!"
    "yeah! FOR ONCE!
    "oh...oh... Go to your room!" she said chopping lettuce violently.
    "GLADLY!" I said picking up an apple, I took a large bite out of  
it then spit it out. "ugh! Wax!" mum couldn't help but laugh at that.

   bright lights, reflecting through the glass trees. A phonograph  
played sweert dance music. A girl about 14, with chopped brown hair  
and wearing a red dress, stepped out of the trees and up to me. She  
stared deep into my eyes then raised her hands; I met them with mine  
and we danced. Spinning delicately in circles. others spun out of the  
forest and we joined them. Soon it seemed like the whole world was  
dancing. I tipped her back and held her; noticing a flash of motion I  
looked up. The creature flew at me and I jumped away. The girl spun  
and got hit by the creature full force. She flew back and was impaled  
on a glass spire. The look of shock on her face was fleeting; then she  
smiled and dissaperead in a wisp of smoke.

    "how do you feel about all this?"
    "How do I fell about that?"
    "how am I supposed to feel?"
    "your supposed to tell ME that"
    "why do you think you feel remorse?"
    "SHE DIED! Come ON doctor YOUR AN EXPERT!"
    "so you feel remorse because she died?"
    "no, I feel remorse for the tree. OF COURSE I FEEL REMORSE CAUSE  
    "you know, showing anger towards others"
    "is a sign of mental derangement?"
    "I suppose next your going to tell me that glass trees are a sign  
of fraighlity?"
    "as a matter of fact I was."
    "well, thanks for your time doc; I WONT be seeing you again"

    "Did you have to do it again?"
    "he was telling me the same things as the last guy!"
    "you could have heard him out!"
    "him babbling on about remorse?! Never!"
    "and I suppose I'm just supposed to pay the guy for the whole  
    "so sue!"
    "i would get more If I just paid him."
    "ugh! I'm leaving!"

    Snow was falling in the forest. Well if you could call it snow; it  
was like glitter, sparkly, light, and multicolored. The trees  
reflected the snow and it was beatifiul. In the middle of a clearing  
stood the girl. She was staring up into the sky and smiling. She  
spread her arms apart, closed her eyes, and spun in circles. When she  
stopped she motioned for me to come closer; she hugged me and we came  
inches to kissing when she morphed into the creature. I screamed and  
flung her away. I ran as far and as fast as I could; then I woke up.

    "and about when do these dreams start?"
    "oh...about a week ago. Hey doc; I don't mean to but in but, do  
you think in crazy?"
    "what's more important, do YOU think your crazy?"
    "do I LOOK like an expert?!"
    "no but experts come in all shapes and sizes."
    "NO! Not MORE psychobabble!"

    "you know what I don't even care anymore!"
    "good! If you want your moneys worth go to a GOOD pshychiatrist!"
    "they were!"
    "theyre WAY out of their league. Hey mum...tell me how I got my  
first name again."
    "well; your fathur liked George, your aunt liked Lawrence, I liked  
Arthur, your grandfather liked Simon, and you grandmother liked Samuel."
    "so you shoved them all together?"
    "that's right!"
    "sheesh! Other people get NORMAL first names  
Petunia, or bob! But I get G.L.A.S.S.!"
    "yeah but I bet your the only kid on your block to have 5 first  
    "true, true."
    "hiya family!"
    "hi dad!" and I ran upstairs.

    It was raining this time, long pelting sheets crashed to the  
earth. A long line of people wound through the forest; all sporting  
black and black umbrellas. The long procession ended at a coffin long  
and thin; this particular coffin was painted a bright yellow. There  
were more spreading off into the distance; the coffins were supported  
by growths of glass. I walked down the line of coffins to a fall type  
red one, it was open. Inside a familiar body lay, me. I stumbled and  
caught myself on the side of the coffin next to...mine. A familiar  
person was walking towards me; she was wearing a red ankle length  
coat. It was she; the girl I danced with, the girl who showed such  
excitement at the snow. Her face was hidden by her umbrella. She  
walked up to me and put a gloved hand around my shoulder. and there we  
stood; me with silent shock, and her with silent understanding.

    RIIING! The bell called the end of 7th period. As I walked down  
the hallway, I was vaguely aware if a cold breath down my back. I  
shivered and pulled my jacket closer. Then it happened again, I spun  
around and froze; the creature. Suddenly I wasn't in school anymore I  
was in the forest. I saw a flash of red and an unearthly roar issued  
from the creatures throat. The girl had performed a perfect flying  
side kick and landed on the creatures back.
    "RUN!" she screamed at me. And I ran; I ran like I had never run  
before. I looked back and saw the creature send her flying. Because I  
was running with my head turned backwards, I ran into something. My  
pshychiatrist stared down at me.
    "vwell?" he asked
    "not now doctor I'v got to run!"
    I ran past him and bumped into the slavering creature. I froze, he  
reached out with his cold dead hands and, quite like a vampire bent  
towards my neck.
    And i woke up never to know what happened next or was I?

    "not ANOTHER pshychiatrist!"
    "yes another one!
    "Glass Cavinaugh?" the receptionist asked. I rolled my eyes and  
entered the pshyc's office.
    "hello! How are you?" to unnerve hum I just sat down and stared.  
It worked, he shifted in his seat. "well, your mother tells me you've  
been having dreams lately; what kind of dreams?"
    "the general nightmare brand."
    "like how so?"
    he slapped his forehead. "look kid; I deal with lots of patients  
    I jumped.
    "yes sir!"
    "much better, now what kind of dreams?"
    "well... So what does running from creatures, dancing, and  
attending mass funerals, all in a glass forest say to you?"
    He just stared
    "well...(cough)...they sound like your average... Repetitave  
    "anything else?"
    "not really?"
    "good you've been so helpful."

    The wind blew threw through the trees making a tinkling noise. I  
pulled my coat tighter as I walked among the trees.
    "grrrr.." the creature again. I saw a flash of red and she was  
there, hands in a fighting position. The cratire moved his head out  
from behind a tree, his teeth were bared.
    "run" she whispered.
    "I can't keep running" she shrugged. The creature moved out from  
behind the tree and launched himself into the air. I flinched, and  
wished he would "STOP!" and right in mid air he froze. "LEAVE!" and he  
burst into flames. She turned and stared, then clapped. The sound  
carried through the woods and was soon joined by others. And I blushed.

    I haven't had the dreams since, I've conquered them, and i  
conquered the creature, and a dream love.
Inspired by the glass forest in the television series Threshold
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