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The dark hall way was silent as a lone figure waited, the figure looked around, obviously nervous. He jumped as a Purple light appeared under the door.
"Quintessence, I told you not to disturb me," said the man which had come through the door, he was wearing a leather trench coat and leather boots.
"Apologies sir, but we had to meet in secret," said Quintessence not looking directly at the man.
"Oh just spit it out!"
"It's about the Blues," said quintessence his Purple eyes peeking out behind his bangs.
"We………… He's here!" Quintessence's eyes flashed acid green.
"Is it who I think it is?"
The doors at the opposite end opened up with a flash of Blue light. The figure outlined by the blue light was dressed in all black and had spiked back black hair; his eyes shone a deep sapphire blue.
"Well well well, Marchare! And Quintessence! What an honor!" Said the figure bowing deeply, arms outstretched.
"May I help you Dante?" asked Marchare, looking thoroughly annoyed.
"Why yes, in fact I think you can," said Dante, standing upright, "Care for a late night duel? If I may be so bold?"
"I will gladly oblige, my dear friend. Victor laughs?"
"Yes, I believe those are agreeable terms, now enough pointless chatter," Said Dante a long blue double bladed katana appeared in his hand. A Purple double edged blade appeared in Morbeus's hands.
"Ten paces, then fight; agreed?" asked Dante; Marchare nodded. They approached ten paces, Marchare was first to strike.
He swung the sword straight up, Dante flipped over Marchare landing easily and whirling the katana over his head to strike Marchare in the back of the head. But Marchare managed to spin around and block it.
"is that all you got?" asked Dante. Dante swirled the sword around to clang with Marchare's he faked to the feet leap and panted his feet firmly on Marchare's jaw and jumped. Marchare stumbled back gripping his jaw; he removed it to see blood. Marchare let out a roar and leaped forward at Dante who just sidestepped, Marchare launched himself at him again Dante just kicked him in the side; Marchare fell to the ground. Dante lowered his sword to Marchare's throat, who smiled.
"I'll not underestimate you again, have a nice night," said Marchare who promptly disappeared in a puff of purple smoke. Dante turned to Quintessence, only to find himself alone.

A long street was dark and empty, lit only by the streetlight on the corner. A ripple in the air formed into a solid human, or rather two solid humans.
"Your grace! Are you all right?" asked Quintessence.
"Yes, just a bruise; what were you going to tell me?"
"That our spy has brought good news."
"Yes, we have a positive match for compatibility."
"Error rate?"
"Good, very good. Tell him to begin the change."
"Right away sir!"
Quintessence rippled out of existence, leaving Marchare alone.
"I've got you just where I want you Blue's," said Marchare, smiling.

"Morning, Pete," Said Dante, pulling his bag over his shoulder tighter.
"Morning," the Empire State Building's desk clerk said.
Dante rode the elevator to floor sixty-two, the doors dinged open to a,
"Hey Dante!" said Ramiro, who went flying down the hall on a cart of documents.
Dante took a step back, not expecting to almost get blindsided by a file cart. An inner door led to the first floor, file offices; phones rang at steady intervals. Dante mounted the stairs to the Sixty-Third Agent offices.
I just thought the original needed a facelift
read it here :[link]
if you thought that was better say so

update 1: 9:55 P.M. July 9 Friday: goodbye Morbeus hello Marchare (because, as a good friend pointed out, Morbeus sounds like morbidly obese)
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