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The marble hall was empty except for a figure. The figure was leaning with one leg on the wall with its head back. A purple light leeched out from under the double doors at the end of the hall.  A shrill whistle was heard and the doors exploded inwards a man in a leather trench coat and boots glided in his long bangs were moved over to the left side of his face and he wore a serious expression. He seemed to glide instead of walk. He reached the figure and turned,
"Quintessence, I told you I was busy," the man in the trench coat said.
"I apologize your worship, but this is important," Quintessence said stepping forward into the guy with the trench coats blue light.  They both were teenagers but had eyes of an unnatural purple light. Quintessence had black skinnies and a red shirt, his hair was black with a purple highlight near his eyes.  
"What is it Quintessence," the trench coat guy asked.
"You see it's…" Quintessence's eye suddenly turned a deep acid green.  "He's here!"
"Not the pest?" the trench coat guy asked. Quintessence nodded.
A deep blue haze slid under the door, a shadow appeared through the window. Blue mist slid between the frame looking like vines. The doors creaked open and a shadow wearing a coat with tailcoats, he had white strings attached to silver disks in his hands.  
"Morbeus," the new figure called playfully. "Come, come, not trying to hide behind haze are we?"
"Who asked you Felicuis?" Morbeus said. He flicked his wrist and a pair of his own disks appeared black ones with black strings. Felicuis started walking down the hall. His blue aura collided with Morbeus's purple aura, surprisingly turning acid green. Felicius's disks rose and started swaying, he executed a flying spin lashing out and his disks split into many and one nicked Morbeus on the face. Surprisingly he bled purple, the wound winded itself together. Morbeus's disks flew in an ark straight up and missed Felicius's tailcoats by millimeters.
"See you later Felicuis," morbeus said he dispersed into a black cloud of mist and slid through the doors he had entered from still glowing blue, Quintessence dispersed into a smaller cloud and followed. Felicuis dropped from the ceiling and smiled. He dispersed into a silver cloud and left.

The swings creaked back and forth in the breeze, a girl with long bangs and hair in a pony tail sat on one. Her eyes were a startling blue; the crunch of gravel announced the presence of someone else. Black shoes trudged from underneath the shade of a tree followed by black jeans, a slipknot t-shirt and blue eyes. Erica smiles and he smiles back.
"Hey Erica," he says.
"Hi Daniel," Erica says back.
"HEY ERICA!" Felicuis yells skidding once he sees Daniel. "Oh."
"Yeah, oh," said Daniel obviously angry.
"Hey don't blame Ben, he just chooses bad moments," Erica said. They all stand there awkwardly until Felicuis/Ben says,
"Uh so, Headquarters wants us all for a debriefing,"
"Okay," Erica says starting to walk.
A rainy street has only one light and its flickering; enough light is cast that you can see a sign that reads:

                                                      Purple Inc.
                                     We Specialize in Your Demise

Purple rope lights line the window; it appears to be the only open business on the street. A figure seems to appear out of the mist running. It runs up to the door and knocks, the door is opened enough to let purple light spill into the street. The door opened to reveal a tall woman in stiletto boots, she had on a leather jacket, and her eyes were hidden behind a pair of dark sunglasses. She stepped aside and let him come in; he immediately went for the stairs and run up to the top floor. The top floor had windows that looked out on a canal and more businesses on the other side, the rain ran down the window and the lightning reflected a man's shape standing by them.
"Your grace," he said getting down on both knees.
"Rise," Morbeus said turning around, his trench coat swished.
"there's something we must discuss," began Quintessence.
"Our spy?" said morbeus sounding hopeful. Quintessence nodded.
"He brings good news!" said quintessence excitedly. Lightning flashed and you could see Morbeus smiling.

A large crowd of teens in black clothes milled outside:

                                                Blue Eyes Inc.
                                          Your Friends in Black

We pushed through the crowd and managed to get inside; the conference room was already filling with more teenagers. A group of people some had white hair, in Tripp pants and Metallica shirts were standing at the front trading notes. Everyone had blue eyes, which was strange.  
"Attention please," a man with black spiked hair and an Avenged Seven Fold t-shirt said.(he was about 50) a sea of blue eyes turned toward him.
"Thank you, the most wanted list is updated," he said he swiped his hand on the table and a list popped up in front of us. "Also…, hang on a sec," a secretary walked up and whispered something in his ear, he grew paler. "Some rather disturbing news," he said, "it appears we have a spy in our midst," everyone gasped, "we must ask you all to leave; we will hold this conference later."  Everyone stood at once and the hubbub of conjecture started immediately.
   We all stood in the hall together in silence, the usual friends showed up; there was Nick, Brian, Summer, etcetera, etcetera. Lukas even made an appearance, Lukas was tall, 17, he had long black hair, stubble; he wore a black dress shirt untucked, a black and grey checkered tie, black pants, and converse.
Daniel finally spoke, "it's no surprise really, it was only a matter time before they sent one." This was true though no one admitted it, except Lukas who was a die-hard Blue Eye on special assignment from Germany.
"How can you say that? 'It was only a matter of time' they should have screened better!" Brian agreed.
"They probably had false papers!" which was also true.
"You wanna go punk?" Lukas asked Daniel, who was a foot shorter than Lukas and had way less muscle mass, got up in Lukas's face. I raised an eyebrow, but Erica stepped between them.
"If we start fighting amongst ourselves, who knows what the Purple Eyes could do?"
you could call this a drug induced vision except the drug was music
revision 1) a little color change 3/9/10 8:29 p.m.
Disclaimer:not responsible for damages or heart attacks caused by epic writing
all descriptions based off of thoughts or feelings, except ericas
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