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I hear it raining outside. The rain falls heavily against my screen but inside another flood is happening; a flood of emotions. I feel sadness batter down mental walls, rage flows like a boiling sea, and depression sits heavily on my chest. I sit there in my pajamas listening to my drunken parents fight, every night another issue like how come dad isn't making enough or why are the liqour bills higher than our measly house payment. I had found a small pistol and a silencer and held it tightly in my hand. The point comes up to my skull and I pull. A muffled blast vibrates through my head. Death is peaceful a silent void of painless rest. A door appears then another and another and another slowly revolving. a white door with B25 on it stops in front of me; I step through into a cramped waiting room, it's raining outside and the Washington skyline shines brightly outside. I was told to sit in one of the plastic orange chairs and wait. 1,2,3 hours pass finally I hear my name called.
"Seth parks," the blond secratary calls, I stand and walk over to her she hands me a form and points me to the right room. Inside is a loooooooooong confrence table with plush leather chairs I sit in the middle and looked at the paper it reads "suicide form" it has questions like date of birth, date and time of death that's already filled in, etc etc etc. The second page says reasons for killing self I wrote manically depressed. When finished I returned it to the secratary.

My parents hugged each other and cried, they promised to never fight again and to get help for their sons sake. They went into his room.
"oh my god!" the dad said, the mom just fainted. He lay there with a bloodstain blossoming on his sheets, the gun lay next to him where it had dropped when he fell. The dad ran out and phoned 911 not knowing what else to do.

The secratary pointed him to another door on the wall, it read secratary of the past, inside was a plush room with leather chairs and velvet curtains; a desk sat on the side of the room. A woman stood from behind it.
"Please, sit," she said motioning to the chair in front of her desk. That's when I noticed that I was still in my pajamas.
"we like to show all our costumers their past, present, and future so their sure they want to go to the afterlife," she said.
"you mean, I'm not really dead?" I asked
"no, your in limbo." she answered. "so on with my job. grab my ruler," she said calmly extending her ruler to me. I grabbed it and we were suddenly in my room, I glanced around bewildered. I saw myself sitting on the bed crying. My parents were fighting again, the secratary motioned at the door and walked through it, I followed her. My dad was holding a broken glass bottle screaming at my mom. He suddenly lashes out at her, cutting her.
"Enough!!" I screamed at her. She held up her hand. Mom reached over and slapped him, walking out of the room and slamming the door to their room; it clicked shut. We were suddenly standing in her office again.
"go through there to get to the secratary of the presents office." she said pointing at a door in the far wall. Inside was a modern office in complete contrast with the wood one on the other side of the door.
"oh! Hello!" she said, she was blonde with rectangular spectacles, she wore a smart beige suit and matching high heels. "let's not waste time on formalities, I'm Dolores, your Seth." she said, she held out her hand to shake and when I touched it we were standing in the graveyard, it was snowing. A black coffin was on a pedastal, Mom and Dad were crying silently while two workers lowered it into the earth. The preprapared headstone read "Seth Parks 1994 to 2009" my mom let out a sob and dad hugged her. I reached out but passed through them, I was crying now.
"they can't see you or hear you," the secratary said. I walked up to her angrily and said
"why!" letting out a sob that broke my composure.
"because it wouldn't be right otherwise, your dead remember?" she walked away and I was standing in her empty office. I walked over to the third door. Inside was a room 30 stories up in a sky scraper; the window was covered in computer projections of forms, the desk and chair floated in the air, the woman at the window was red headed, she was in a burgundy suit and a pair of red platform shoes. She turned and I gasped, she had silver eyes. She was totally silent picking up a metal pole she extended it. I looked at it then took it. We didn't appear to move but the scene changed. A man sat at the desk typing on a projected keyboard; he was me. I turned to the secratary and I suddenly understood, this COULD be me if I went back. A kid ran in, I looked up from the desk and smiled, I lifted him up and spun him around.
"daddy!" He said laughing, I set him down and kissed him, he giggled. A tall woman walked in, she was wearing a smart silver suit. She was smiling th kid ran over to her calling her mommy. I stood up and took my wife by the arm, she grabbed the kids hand and we walked out. She extended the pole again. I grabbed it without shifting my eyes. We were standing back in the same room. I looked up smiling.

30 years from then

I was sitting at my desk typing on my computer. My son ran in and I smiled. I swung him around while he giggled, my wife walked in and he ran over to her, I stood and walked over to her, arm in arm we left for lunch. In the window a red head with silver eyes looked in and smiled
i wrote this when i was bed...when it was raining
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pendingpermanence Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
sheesh... so many good reviews!
i wrote this in like three hours but it reads in five minutes !0
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awesome story!
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that's aweshomeful Ben!!! :hug:
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I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you're a very good writer!!! you should write a book or something!!!!!! you can be famous!! :la:
pendingpermanence Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
pendingpermanence Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
i AM
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