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The Dragon Prince - Sol Regem


I can finally share my full piece for Echoes of Thunder, a #TheDragonPrince anthology put together by @AlchemyArtGroup ! There are still some books and merch left, so definitely check it out!…

 I got to draw my favorite big grump, Sol Regem


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CaptainHufflepuff501's avatar

YESSSSSS THIS IS GLORIOUS!!!!!! :la: :happybounce:

Amazing job this is stunning!!! :D:clap:

HareTrinity's avatar

Beautiful! :D

It's such a wonderful series! Can't believe it took me so long to try it, but, on the bright side, that meant I had 3 seasons to binge through. :dance:

CobraCatDragon2898's avatar

Oh this is absolutely amazing!

Nocturnaliss's avatar

There aren't enough Dragon Prince artworks out there. Sol Regem is a fantastic character, and you depicted his powerful grumpiness perfectly :D

HerrdoktorHans's avatar

I love this serie and this dragon look ike he control the sun

Xyphanix's avatar

Wow, he a majestic boi. I love the background so much!

WooflesArt's avatar

I always enjoy seeing art from this wonderful show, Sol Regem has my favorite dragon design too. I hope we see more of his grumpy self.

Yes! another dragon prince fan!

MidoriEmerald's avatar

SO EPIC!!! I adore all of the detail!! <33

Team-Unleashed's avatar

Wow, that's awesome! I really wish we got to see more of him in the show.

Evodolka's avatar

i might not like dragon prince... like at all

but i do LOVE this dragons design :D

PencillCat's avatar

you commented on the preview piece about how you hated the show, and I told you back then how rude it was. Why do it again?

Evodolka's avatar

did i?

must have been a while back because i don't see much dragon prince art

so sorry

PencillCat's avatar

you said sorry last time too, yet you did it again.

Evodolka's avatar

know what, i bet it's because a wear my opinions on my sleeve, i still respect the opinions of others, i just say my thoughts so people know me, taking a guess though

either way the picture looks grand

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