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Pulp Queen by MouseCityKola
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Minxx Cyberpunk Variant Cover by RandyGreen
Power Girl by RandyGreen
New X-Men Academy X #6 Cover by RandyGreen
Spiderman and Fantastic Four by RandyGreen
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Superman Tryout by caiocacau
Kane by JosephMiel
Veronica by JosephMiel
Angelique by JosephMiel
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Blood Widow Variant Cover by RandyGreen
Cover Pinup - lores by JeffGraham-Art
Top Dollar drybrush by JosephLSilver
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Perfect 10 Pin-Up by RandyGreen
Seline by RandyGreen
Kim the Delusional 2 by RandyGreen
Kim the Delusional by RandyGreen
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MK 11 - Scarlet by Pajes-PK
*Krishna* by Denish-C
Thanos by SparksflyStudios
Captain marvel pencils by artoflunatik
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He-man: Eternity War #1 by popmhan
#inktober day 5: Stitch Venom by tenshiflyers
Cover #3 by Bobann
pris by kaskajo
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Light my fire by Lunaskope
Sky Rider - brunette 01 by Svetoslawa
Batmobile Sketch by Bilgekhan
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ED209 by abc142
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New X-Men Academy X by RandyGreen
New X-Men Academy X #2 Cover by RandyGreen
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Animazement 2019 sketch: Torterra by Shono
White Queen Line Art by RandyGreen
Savageland Rogue Commission by RandyGreen
Master Sergeant vs Crack Shot  commission by kiborgalexic
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Side Quests Colour cast lineup 01 by misterprickly
Shadows of Oblivion - Rescue Page 5 update by Shono

31 Days 31 Drawings

Every October, artists all over the world take on the Inktober drawing challenge by doing one ink drawing a day the entire month.


7. SHY
11. RUN
16. FAT
20. DEEP
25. SHIP
28. FALL
31. MASK

Inktober rules:

1) Make a drawing in ink (you can do a pencil under-drawing if you want).

2) Post it online

3) Hashtag it with #inktober and #inktober2017

4) Repeat

Note: you can do it daily, or go the half-marathon route and post every other day, or just do the 5K and post once a week. What ever you decide, just be consistent with it. INKtober is about growing and improving and forming positive habits, so the more you’re consistent the better.
Seeking Team (Character Designer, Penciler, Inker, Colorist & Letterer) for Steampunk Adventure Comic Sample Pages (10 pages).

About the Project:

“Steam Powered” is an original story about the WW1 adventures of British agent Victoria Clarke.

Logline: When an adventurous British aviator nearly dies, an experimental surgery turns her into a cyborg with superhuman abilities, which she must use to prevent the Germans from using an army just like her to win World War 1.

Our story is set in an alternate history that bridges the gap between the Victorian Age and the two Great Wars, making the genre a mix of steampunk and dieselpunk. Our backdrop is a world ravaged by war, and terrorized by mysterious forces that use experimental technology and science to further their evil ambitions.

With a strong female protagonist, and original characters interwoven with those borrowed from history, this is a serial adventure that shoots for fun, sexy, fast-paced action, mixed with dark, tense danger.

You can see some recent concept work at:


The project is adapted from a completed feature film script (a fully developed script, not a first draft). It is intended to stand alone as a creative endeavor, but to also capture the attention of the creative community and propel further development of a comic series and feature film franchise.

I am self-funding the sample pages with the intention of submitting it to publishers and financiers for further development. The feature script breaks down into approximately ten (10) 24-page episodes. The first four issues, and the 10-page script for the sample sequence have been adapted and the remaining scripts are in progress and will be completed soon.

About Me:

My name is Kendrick Wallace, and I am a feature film visual effects producer and supervisor with over 20 years of experience working on Hollywood film projects. I am new to writing for comic books but I am an experienced writer and have degrees in art, design and filmmaking. As a visual effects producer and supervisor I am used to directing teams of artists under tight schedules to realize a vision.

You can find me on IMDB at:


My aspirations for this project are for it to be of the highest artistic and technical quality. This is a self-funded project, but I am trying to offer rates that will attract great talent who can dedicate their time to completing the project as efficiently as possible. The rates are negotiable within reason for the right artists.

Pencil: $100/page
Ink: $50/page
Color: $50/page
Lettering: $15/page
Designs: $200 average per (major) character with key props (negotiable)

I am open to artists who can handle multiple roles, and will adjust rates accordingly.

Payment via PayPal (US Account) or other agreed upon arrangement.

• 50% upon commencement of work,
• 50% within 5 days of delivery of every (5) completed pages and invoice

Final pages to be submitted at 600 dpi in uncompressed .psd files in RGB color space at 200% final print size, with all original separate layers intact (pencil, ink, color, lettering) via DropBox or Google Drive (or other agreed upon method).

As I am not an expert in delivery for print I am happy to revise these specs based upon the team’s collective experience in this area.

** Please note that all artists will be required to sign a standard NDA agreement and a work contract before receiving script pages or payment.  This is work-for-hire and all copyrights must be assigned to Ken Wallace Films LLC.

About You:

You should be an experienced professional, published, with a portfolio of work relevant to some combination of science fiction, period adventure, and steampunk genres. I am interested in seeing your portfolio of both finished pages (sequential art) and also designs—I am interested in not only your work, but also how you work and how you think. All work should be recent and reflect your current level of skill.

You must speak fluent English, so that we may communicate effectively without resorting to awkward conversations via Google Translate.

Finally, you should be able to start immediately, and have an interest in a long-term commitment to the project should it move forward.


Work to commence immediately upon hiring of the team. Schedule to be determined and agreed upon after script review and analysis of the work to be done.

Working Together:

I am used to the collaborative environment of working on movies, and I like working that way. Having been deeply involved in the development of this project for over three years I have strong ideas about the look and feel, but I am also open to new ideas and I am very interested in what creative vision you will bring to the project.

Please be a professional, ready and excited to work in a dynamic relationship in which the combined interaction elevates the work to a higher level. You must be able to meet a schedule once we agree upon it, and respect the fact that other people on the team will be planning their time around this schedule as well.

I prefer to see work rough and early so that we can discuss and refine the direction before it is carried out to a final stage. I’m used to seeing things very rough--it doesn’t scare me--I can imagine how it will look when completed.

Finally, a happy working relationship is crucial. We do this because we love it, right? This should be FUN! This is a nice way of saying that I am not interested in people who are miserable to work with. Life is too short!


Email submissions to with the subject line “Artist Submission.” Please no PMs.

Please include:

• Your name and country (where the work will take place)
• A link to your on-line portfolio with sequential samples
• Concepts, cover art, character, prop & environment designs (if available)
• Please only attach high-res .jpg files if an on-line portfolio is unavailable
• A list/biography of published work
• Personal References
• Your e-mail, phone and Skype information

I will contact prospective artists on Skype (or by phone) after narrowing the search so that we can “meet” in person before I make a final decision. I look forward to going through your portfolios and I will respond as quickly as possible to your submissions. Note that this is also being posted on Digital Webbing, so you may see it there as well if you frequent that site!

:iconcthompsonart: was nice enough to bring this scam to my attention.…
It seems that our group has gotten a serious bug when it comes to accepting/declining submissions. Every time we load/refresh the page that shows us all the submissions that need accepted it will change the gallery folder every time.  So please help us out and make sure your submitting to the correct folders, This isn't  just a problem of our group only so please just hang in there.

Today is ARTIST APPRECIATION DAY. I'd like to encourage everyone to do this quick and easy thing today:

1. Click on (or click the "deviantart" at top left to go to the homepage)

2. Browse through the galleries... You can find something on ANYTHING if you want to do a specific topic search, or just get lost clicking away! There's everything from Disney and comic fan art to truly beautiful landscapes and portraits, to weird and fantastic modern art....

3. Find three new pieces of art that you really like.

4. Comment on each artist's piece and give them a specific compliment... Tell them why you love it, how it made you feel, etc.

I can truly say that there are tons of amateur, hobbyist and professional artists out there pouring their heart and talent out for others to enjoy. Let's share some love! Our world would be so bland without visual art around us everywhere!
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Submitting Art

(((When you submit art please submit it to the right category so we won't have a big mess))). Please don't submit your whole gallery, just your best work.


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Hey guys!! Were a UK based comic book project creating a new comic book universe. We're currently looking for London (UK) based artists to jump on board and be a part of our team to start building up our portfolio of comics. 

So, if you're stuck at home like us and want a new opportunity, if you're interested in comics or, you want to do something new with your amazing art talents, hit us up at ( and we'll talk you through what we're looking for. 

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Welcome To A Whole New Universe! 

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Hi, I'm Professional Comic Flatter been flatting for 6 years.
If you need someone to flats , I'm always available.
Email me at
Thanks my rate is 8$-10$ per page i can do 4-6 pages a day Sean by geoffrey31   Sean2 by geoffrey31   Sean3 by geoffrey31  
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HI IM A COMIC FLATTER BEEN FLATTING FOR 5 YEARS. IF YOU NEED SOMEONE TO FLATS IM ALWAYS AVAILABLE. EMAIL ME AT thanks my rate is 8$ per page ican do 4-6 Untitled-1 by geoffrey31  
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comic flatter available. please leave me a note if you are looking for a flatter? or message me…
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