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Tutorial -Pimp my Desktop-

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Published: September 15, 2008
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BEHOLD MY NEW DESKTOP! Yeah yeah, I know it's one hell of a change in just one day, but I just felt my desktop was freaking neutral and yucky, so I invested 4-5 hours of my time to LITERALLY PIMP MY DESKTOP.

I'm willing to share everything if enough people ask me how I did it >:3


1.First you need an XP theme. But installing isn't as easy as it sounds. You need some steps done before seeing any real change.

a)Go to [link] and look for a theme you like. This is one of the best pages if you're looking for a change!

b)For instructions on how to install the XP theme, go to [link] . The tutorial is extremely well explained, and the software is 100% safe to download. (Personally recommend UXTheme Multi-Patcher).

When you've already installed UXTheme Multi-Patcher, ran it, and installed the XP theme, then move to step 2.

2.For the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, I used a cool software called "Rocketdock". It's awesome for this kind of things, very flexible and customizable. Download it at [link] , then install it and place it at any position on your screen by changing the "dock properties". (It's the little hammer, or so I remember).

Now, if you want the icons to look as the picture above, go to the awesome contribution from a fellow deviant at [link] , and download it. All you have to do to change the icons is:

-First, extract the files.
-Right click an icon>icon settings>"+" sign>look for the files' location.
-Select the folder and then: hit "ok">change the default icons to the new ones>browse>find the most suiting icon>hit "ok"

Done! now repeat with every icon you like.

The fan effect is a little tricky, but luckily there's a video where it is explained very well.
Here: [link] . (Note that you don't need to extract the file as they do, you can just extract it in the same location and then copy/paste it in the right folder.)
Stacks docklet: [link]

3.The pc's status are awesome. They look extremely cool and they are very, very useful. The trick is done by a software called "Rainmeter", which you can download here: [link] .

Don't get confused with the whole "this isn't supported" thing. You can still download it. Just click in the "Rainmeter 0.14 (32bit)" option, download and install, and tadaaa! You have now your very own rainmeter. If you'd like to customize the way it looks, that's where [link] comes to save the day once more.

You can find a LOT of really cool skins for the Rainmeter there. (The one in the picture above is "Hud Vision").

Changing Rainmeter's skin is very easy, so I'll skip that.

You select the info you want by right clicking the rainmeter's little icon near the clock, and drag them wherever you like. If you want it to stay where you left it, then:

-Right click the rainmeter's icon>click the module you want (it should be right there)>uncheck "draggable".

Above are "cpu", "network", "batterie", "IP", "system info", among others.

4. ALMOST RIGHT THERE. Then, all that's left is to remove that annoying "recycle bin" shortcut from your desktop. How? This page breaks down the magic: [link] .

It says you don't have to reboot it to see the results, but I had. Actually, I recommend to reboot your pc everytime you make an important change so you can see what you're doing, and also export the "{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}" key before doing something you might regret later. (NOTE PLEASE THAT THIS IS FOR WINDOWS XP ONLY)

Then all you have to do then, is to find a fitting wallpaper for your brand new, pimp'd desktop!

Hope you found this guide useful! Please post your results and any questions you have! Remember, it took me 5 hours because there was no guide, so you may end with satisfying results in a lot less.

Add-ons and stuff that weren't mentioned in the guide, but may be deemed useful for some people:

[link] (anime skins for rainmeter and rainlender)
[link] (this one changes your shell to be very minimaistic, but unfortunately I don't know how to use it. Run at your own risk.)

[[EDIT]] - 14/03/10
Rainmeter got renewed to a better version. It still works pretty much the same, and the link provided takes you to the google's download page.

Download and install as usual, change skins by adding them to the 'skins' folder, everything's the same. It's just a new interface and a cooler looking default skin.

Download the new version here: [link]

(the links are at the right, they have both 32bit/64bit windows versions)

[[EDIT 2.0]] - 21/09/11
Fixed all the grammar, spelling and context mistakes. My english was hideous back then.
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Quick question - how do i save the theme i made? i spent hours doing one then whilst trying to save it i deleted it... and now i have to do it again. if anyone knows could you please message me.
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BTW, if you don't like messing with your registry to delete the recycle bin to hide it, you can just right click, Arrange Icons by, then Hide desktop icons.
It doesn't delete the recycle bin, but it DOES hide it, ending up with the same effect.
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Nice share, thank U
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Ayato-tanStudent Traditional Artist
Where I can download the way that the icons are placed with a sort of curve? *o*
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Pencil4artistsProfessional Filmographer
It's explained in the tutorial ;D
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Ayato-tanStudent Traditional Artist
Maybe it's because I'm not understanding english very well, but I don't find any dl link about the icons in a sort of curve placement :$
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Pencil4artistsProfessional Filmographer
In about the end of step 2:

"The fan effect is a little tricky, but luckily there's a video where it is explained very well.
Here: [link] . (Note that you don't need to extract the file as they do, you can just extract it in the same location and then copy/paste it in the right folder.)
Stacks docklet: [link] "

The curve/fan effect is called "stacks docklet", an extension of Rocketdock. You can watch the video (first link) for an installation guide. The second link is the download page.

Good luck! :ahoy:
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Ayato-tanStudent Traditional Artist
Oh, thanks !
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GemnerothStudent Interface Designer
Damn that looks like a CPU hog! :D Love it! :D
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it looks great, awesome job!
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Will this also work on windows 7? I was just curious because you said XP themes.
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rn317Hobbyist Interface Designer
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SatsukonStudent Traditional Artist
How the heck did you get rid of the recycling bin?
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Pencil4artistsProfessional Filmographer
Steps are on the description :ahoy:
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SatsukonStudent Traditional Artist
Hey, I did it, and it came out soooooo amazing. I love you. Check out my deviations to see it. o3o
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Pencil4artistsProfessional Filmographer
But...but you've lied to me :noes:
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SatsukonStudent Traditional Artist
Wait, nevermind ^^"
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thesketch-artistStudent General Artist
hmm but when i extract the stack folder, a regualr folder pops up..then i go to rocket dock<add item then i click on the folder, but it just goes to "installstackdocklets2.exe"

do i click on that?
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TaNa-JoStudent Digital Artist
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Pencil4artistsProfessional Filmographer
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danix200Student Traditional Artist
Can this be done in windows 7?
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Pencil4artistsProfessional Filmographer
The software downloads can be performed, however, the skin changes and shell mods are exclusive of windows XP (at least regarding this tutorial).
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