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Facade: Ongoing Super Hero Comic With A sinister Twist
By Adem Kiamil

Facade - Rowel Roque by Pencil1

Part of an ongoing comic book series about a man seeking answers and revenge in a corrupt city, after discovering he has new abilities.


Façade is set in a dark metropolis where there is a huge contrast between rich and poor. The poorest parts of the city breed crime and murder, while the largest corporations fight for dominance over it. Anthony Collins, a researcher at the city’s largest company 'Mass Tech', has everything taken from him by these large factions when he is unknowingly caught up in their power struggle. Suffering from a terminal illness in the form of a brain tumour, that results in him unlocking a level of heightened perception and awareness, Anthony decides to use his new found abilities – and what limited time he has left – to rid the city of the scum that reside in it. The deeper he goes however, the more secrets the city reveals to him, and the true level of corruption it has hiding beneath it begins to unfold. He eventually realizes he is at the centre of a very sinister power struggle, and turns his attention to finding out why, and fighting back!

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Because Issue One is already complete and going to print as we speak, it will be ready to ship as soon is the Kickstarter ends. You'll receive it right away if it's part of your pledge!…

CIA Operative Eddie Phillips has become the target but there is nowhere to hide when the antagonists are hunting you in your dreams.

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"As someone that isn’t very talented artistically I often wonder how guys like Roque, Edulan, and Shaw blend their three styles so well. The art in Rapid Eye is crisp as can be; the line work is clear and thick where needed and slim and light where needed, while the coloring looks almost glossy and pop off the page even though it’s mostly a light pastel color palette. Even though the art is fantastic I feel like the visual storytelling and the link between artist and writers is what really stands out."  -…

RAPID EYE will be at Fan Lexicon in Jacksonville Florida, August 20, 2016 and August 21, 2016.

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Please support this wonderful project. :)


Humanity is pushed to the brink when Earth unleashes a cataclysmic event with only one intention; wiping us out.…

Cataclysmo is a #Monsterthology, thats right - a monster anthology (see what we did there) comic book created by Carlos Florez Jr, Matt Reeves, and Ryan Musser with art by Justin Ryan, Rowel Roque and Ronson Edulan. This is our very first Kickstarter with the hopes of MANY to come after!  We are independent, self-published writers; fueled by our collective love of comics and an uncontrollable creative force, our team has banded together to create something a little different from the norm. This book is the culmination of our hard work, passion and determination. We couldn't be more proud of what we've accomplished this far.  

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First, a BIG Thank you to Chris Charlton for letting me do the artworks.

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