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Last update: 13/07/2016

Exactly 2 years after the last update, I'm going to update the rules of the group to clearify certain decisions and make everyone happier!

:star:  ~JOINING!~  :star:

Just click "Join this Group!" on the main page to become a member! Anyone can join our group, we are open to any kind of artist and level  :)

:star:  ~SUBMISSIONS~  :star:

Please, choose the most suitable gallery folder when submiting your artwork! We have many different category to choose from, but obviousely we can't cover any kind of drawing with our assortment! ^^

Here some notes about the most common mistakes:

Portraits and People: This gallery is meant to contain drawing of full-figure, midbust or face in a realistic style. The detail of a bodypart (for example, a close-up to the eye or a human hand) should be submitted to the Other folder!

Plants and Animals: same rules applies here, any Anthro or Furry drawing should go to the dedicated folder!

W.I.P. / Sketches : if you are submiting an unfinished drawing, please use our W.I.P. folder!  And for those two folders, the quality of the picture isn't as strict as in the other folders!

Beginmer artist folder:I think that the name is self explanatory! But if you feel yourself a beginner, use only this folder and don't submit all your drawing at once using every folder possible, overcoming the submission limit. please note: also every drawing not properly photographed should be submitted to the beginner artist folder: it doesn't matter if it's an hyper-realistic portrait or your favourite anime character, if the artwork isn't shown properly you should consider yourself a beginner

Featured: that folder purpose is to showing the best drawing of our group. It might took a while before a drawing is accepted or declined because we, the admins, must discuss it's approval. To be accepted, the drawing should be displayed in a good quality (if it can be zoomed-in it's great!) with no kind of watermarks.


We don't judge the drawing quality. Instead, we require the best picture quality possible!  The reasons are explained here fav.me/d6k2soi , so always try to not use your camera, edit just a bit your scan or picture and PLEASE, CROP THE EDGES OF YOUR DRAWING! ;)

:star:  NUDITY  :star:

Nudity is accepted, please be sure to having your mature content filter on, but sexual themed and violent content are against our philosophy, forgive us if we decline your sumbissions then!

:star: ONLY PENCILS?? :star:

Nope, we accept any drawings/sketchs made with pencils, mechanical pencils, charcoal and crayons.
If you are submiting a mixed media drawing, use the specific folder. For "mixed media" we mean any artwork made at least for the 50% of pencils. It might be a watercolour painting with pencils, or a pencil drawing digitally coloured, and so on!

Thank you~:heart:
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I wish you would reconsider and revise your rule regarding watermarks. There is a lot of art theft online, and I always add a light, understated watermark into the main part of my drawings (so it cannot just be cropped out). I would like to consider my drawings for that folder on occasion, but due to this rule, I feel I cannot.