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December 16, 2019
Snow Angel Day 6 | 2 - Red Parade by PenAsteria
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Snow Angel Day 6 | 2 - Red Parade



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☆ Rarity: Rare 
☆ Wings: One Set (Common) 
☆ Halo: Star + 1 Orbital Tier (Rare) 
☆ Eyes: Nebula (Rare) 
☆ Wing Variation: Dusk (Uncommon) 
☆ Constellation: Rangifer (Reindeer)      

Wyngro Ice Pixel ElementOptional Character Aspects Wyngro Ice Pixel Element

“Can you hear the sounds of a parade getting near?”
“It’s her! It’s her! The legend is true!”

A gorgeous woman, who has a strangely attractive smile on her face, graces the lucky twos with her glamorous appearance.
It is said that once a year, only a few chosen ones get to be blessed by this splendid procession.
The lady in her white kimono, leading the parade, surrounded by countless red strings, the geta embellishes snow-white skin,
So beautiful that the pretty red spider lilies bloom wherever she goes. So beautiful that no one could resist adoring her.

It’s like she has the beauty that is not of this world.
It’s like... the beauty that is not human’s.

So beautiful, yet... so mysterious. One can never tell what she is thinking about, nor what she is going to do. But - remember, curiosity killed the cat. After all, rumours are not always true, right?

That’s why, on the first day of new year, even if you see such a beautiful lady leading a march filled with sounds of drums and gongs,
You may appreciate her beauty from afar- but don’t get too close, or you might be lost in a parade of spider lilies to hell...

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Payment plan - Yes
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congrats on DD!!! she's gorgeous