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I've had confirmation that I will be having a further 2 'solo' exhibitions' this year that's on top of the one that I'm having in August(20-22 drawings per show). Plus a smaller group exhibition in March this year which is great news. Although this is great, i will be very busy preparing. The details are below:

 'Solo' Exhibitions

 'Winns Gallery' in Walthamstow - solo show exhibiting all of my artwork. The 1-5 April 2014

 'Stone Space gallery' in Leytonstone - Solo show on 'emotions' artwork. August 2014 for 4 weeks

 'Winns Gallery' in Walthamstow - Solo show exhibiting my 'Sikh' artwork only. The 2-16 November 2014

As you can see 2 of my shows have very specific themes, with the first being on emotions in august and the other on my 'Sikh' artwork in November. So that means all of my drawings from now until then will be dealing exclusively with these subject matters.

The issue I'm having (as you may know) is the titles for my drawings which are now becoming much more important. Portraits, fanart and my Sikh artwork are pretty self explanatory but some of my other drawings are not. So I would really appreciate if you could give me ideas on names for the drawings below.

Just right in the comments your ideas, labeling them in accordance to the numbers 1-6. And even if you have an idea for just one drawing just give the number and your idea as any idea is appreciated.

1) Original title '  Astronaught'    'The Final Frontier' graphite drawing by Pen-Tacular-Artist   2) Original title 'Old man'    'OLD MAN' graphite drawing by Pen-Tacular-Artist   3) Original title 'Shell shock'    'SHELL SHOCK' by Pen-Tacular-Artist

4) Original title  'Thirsty boy'    'THIRSTY BOY' by Pen-Tacular-Artist   5) Original title  'Tears'    'TEARS' by Pen-Tacular-Artist   6) Original title 'Abandoned'      'ABANDONED' graphite drawing by Pen-Tacular-Artist

Thanks allot.

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1) Broke Down in Oblivion 2) Track Rat- he reminds me of those old guys we see at the race track- betting on horses- knows his stuff. 3) I would say to keep this title. I think its great! 4) Fountain of Youth- how clever ;) 5) A Mother's Love- this makes me think of a mom watching something horrible happen to her child. 6) The Stray- I think of an animal digging through the trash for scraps like a stray dog. Hope some of these are useful or lead you to something better!
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Oh title are so important. Sometimes I just leave things untitled, because they can make or break the piece of work. In this case, I think most of the ones you have picked are fine. I'm not sure about "tears". The word seems too little for the anguish on her face. I think you need a more emotive word there. Oh actually I see somebody else has mentioned that one, and also I agree with their suggestion on "thirsty boy". Shortening it works better. Keeping them short allows for more interpretation from the viewer, allowing them into the work more. I would avoid adding too much of a title that constricts the subjective nature of the pieces. The title old man, while not affecting the piece, needs something. I'll get back to you if i have any ideas. hope i'm being helpful. 
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Thanks allot. I wish I did not have to title them as its becoming a real pain. But unfortunately when exhibiting they like you to come up with some very imaginative title for your drawings, which I'm no good at.
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I actually like the title 'shell shock'
Maybe 'thirsty boy' could be shortened to 'thirst' or something like that.
Tears could be something like 'scream' or 'cry' ... 'despair' I kind of imagine her as just hearing some really bad news (someone dead kind of bad) and having a complete melt-down. There's probably a good term for that kind of state.

Congrats on the exhibitions :-)
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Thanks allot, especially for the suggestions. I've another drawing called despair, but I do think, that title would suit the women crying better and I was thinking of changing the despair one to 'Lost soul'. But will wait for a few more suggestions before I decide.
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Ow congratulations. That's  amazing. I'm so pleased that these people recognise your incredible talent. 
As for names I'm trying to think of some ideas. 
Astronaut. Oblivion? 
Old man. The eye of wisdom. Soul? 
Shell shock is pretty good. It's hard hitting. Like shattered. Broken. 
The water one is amazing. Maybe life line ( water line life line)  Hope? There is an amazing poem about water in an African village which describes this perfectly. I can't remember it though. Or just life. 

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Thanks allot, especially for the suggestions. Really love 'Lifeline' for the water one, as it describes the drawing perfectly. And will probably use it but will wait for a few more suggestions before using it.
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You're welcome, I'm blown away by your work every time I look at it. I just wish I could draw like you!
Thank you! I'm really pleased you like it :la:
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