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Just to let any of my new watchers know, I've set myself a target of 'May 2014' to hit the very ambitious goal o f becoming a 'Hyperrealist' artist. If I do miss this target as it is going to be pretty tough, I have no doubt I will definitely hit my goal of being a 'hyperrealist' artist at some point even if it kills me.

I am now going onto 'phase 3', which is going to be a very tough, as it requires me to go completely out of my comfort zone and use certain equipment that I really dislike. As after doing some research on hyperrealist artists, I've established 2 things. Firstly they don't just use 'graphite' alone but use 'charcoal' as well. And secondly is that they tend to use 'cartridge paper' (I use Bristol board).

This is a big problem, as I've always really despised 'charcoal' as its so messy and hard to use. But in order for me to get to the next stage I have to learn how to use it. As no matter how hard I've tried to get deep non' reflective blacks with graphite, its not been possible, this in my opinion is the only real draw back of graphite. So reluctantly I will be using charcoal in the dark areas and shadows in order to achieve that dark black I need.

On top of this I really don't like 'cartridge paper', but love I 'Bristol board'. But again Bristol board does have its limits, as its amazing for ultra detail, and I could not have done drawings like my 'spiderman' or 'darth vader' etc on anything else. But its draw back is when it comes to portraits and skin texture, as the papers so smooth it becomes difficult to add the layers of texture I need. I will still be using Bristol board but will also be testing cartridge paper to, and if it works out I will continue doing so.

There will be a lot of trial and error going on in my next few drawings, as adding in charcoal and changing the paper in one step is going to be very challenging for me. But its the only way I feel I can achieve what I want, so will have to just get used to it.

I also want to say a big Thank you to all the well wishes on my birthday. A special big thanks goes to Iza-nagi, who done a journal on my birthday. This was such a nice gesture and I was really moved, especially with all the happy birthday wishes I received from it. If you don't know who Iza-nagi, checks his DA page, as his an amazing 'manga' and 3D artist.

Anyway wish me luck, as i'll need it.

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OMG I'm sure you will dominate the charcoal and the new paper >w< you're amazing ;w; I'll be watching you, of course~ -w- I don't wish you "good luck", I wish you a lot of triumph :heart: 'cause you don't need luck, you have talent and all you need to get the achievement that you are looking for.