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After practiseing for what feels like an eternity, 2014 is finally the year that I will be turning my love of art into a full-time career. And I will be showing my work to the artworld and exhibiting my work at local galleries for the very first time. My first real group exhibition is actually this Friday the 10th Jan and I'm exhibiting 3 of my drawings ' Despair', 'Sikh Warrior' and 'Alfred'. All of which I had done specifically for this exhibition, but I had kept it quite until I got conformation on some bigger news.

Which is that after waiting what felt like forever I finally got the amazing news today that a proposal i put forward for my own 'solo exhibition' has been accepted. It took the commitee at the gallery (which is local and funded by the council) nearly 5 months to come to a decision as they don't normally allow amateur artists to do a solo exhibition, as i have not even exhibited yet and have not even turned proffesional. But i gave them a very in-depth plan and was very persistent and also showed them my work in person and they seemed impressed, so they finally decided to give me a chance.

It will be in August this year and i will be exhibiting 17-18 of my drawings and will have the whole gallery to myself which will run for a whole month. The theme of the exhibition will be 'Emotions', so most of my drawings from now on will explore this subject. But I will also be doing some drawings on my own 'Sikh' heritage throughout the year to as I have plans for those drawings to.

I've got one drawing I'm going to do for my local temple first for good luck (not sure if i'll post it on DA). And then I will go full steam ahead and start to prepare for my exhibition in august.

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I'd love to hear how things are going with your exhibition and would enjoy hearing what the experience is like for you. When you have time, of course - you have a full plate right now!
Pen-Tacular-Artist's avatar
Thanks allot, heres an update of how my first show went fav.me/d726hav
Music---Junky's avatar
It's so amazing to hear that another artist is getting such an amazing opportunity to live their passion... Mad props to you dude and you really deserve it... Have fun every minute of it and best of luck!
Pen-Tacular-Artist's avatar
Thanks allot, heres an update of how my first show went fav.me/d726hav
kakashi-narutorules's avatar
Congrats and goood luck!!!
3SticksIllustration's avatar
Very cool! Wish I could attend. 
3SticksIllustration's avatar
You got to keep up posted on how it goes :)
MoonwalkingHorse's avatar
Wow man this is super great stuff to hear!!!! I'm super excited for you!!!!
Pen-Tacular-Artist's avatar
Thanks allot, I'm pretty nervous as I really hate socialising.
OneWithTheStars's avatar
This is fantastic news!  I'm so happy for you! :)
Pen-Tacular-Artist's avatar
Thanks allot, it's been a long journey but I'm now ready to show what I can do.
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A very big CONGRATS and I wish you the best of LUCK and a TON of success with what lies ahead for you. You are an artist who DESERVES this. These people are going to be BLOWN away by what they are going to see. I just wish I was there to witness this. Keep us in the loop and make sure to take pictures when this all goes down.  I would love to see how it turned out. This is AWESOME news bud!! Take care!!
Pen-Tacular-Artist's avatar
Thanks allot, I need all the luck I can get. And i'll be posting pics for this fridays exhibition on DA. 
KirstenRowe's avatar
You are gonna Blow their Minds.  I wish I could be there.  I wish you luck and success.
Pen-Tacular-Artist's avatar
Thanks allot, I will be posting up pics.
Grumpyartist's avatar
That's was up. You deserved your own exhibition
GregDiNapoli's avatar
Best of luck to you.
Pen-Tacular-Artist's avatar
Thanks allot, i'll need it XD.
D3LFY's avatar
congratulations :) youve earned it :)
Pen-Tacular-Artist's avatar
Thanks allot appreciate the kind words.
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