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'Will Smith' graphite portrait



I decied to draw will smith for 2 reasons, firstly to practice other races and the different skin tones, hair and features. And secondly, although i don't really like u.s comedies, the fresh prince of bel air is still one of my favourite ever comedies. Although I do love curb your entusiasm, but overall i prefer more edgier british comedies like peep show, uk office, Alan partridge, red dwarf etc.

Although there isn't a huge difference in drawing will smith, there were some new techniques i had to learn. The main one being drawing the hair, which was confusing at first, but is now alot easier than drawing long hair. The darker skin tone and the features, in particular the nose was a bit tough at first, but i'm fine with it now.

The drawing was done on A4 Bristol Board paper using standard and mechanical graphite pencils. Approximately 30 hours to complete.

Here are some of my other graphite drawings.

Here are some of my other graphite drawings.

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Definitely a stylistic portrait of Will Smith, almost caricaturesque. I am not a huge fan of the caricature style, mostly for aesthetic reasons - it was developed to mock political opponents when direct insult was labeled libel, and has less aesthetic value as a result. I am unsure in this case if the style was intentional, or simply a result of skewed proportions.

Regardless, there is a lot of fine detail in this graphite portrait, and a quick peruse of the rest of the artist's portfolio shows a similar style prevalent throughout most of his works in this medium. The reflections in the eyes are canted interestingly, and there is good use of facial topography to add detail and interest to the portrait.

The proportions are skewed, though, and even if for affect it detracts intensely from the aesthetic interest of the piece. There are some weird lines and facial details that seem out of place/forced, and the hair is just freaky lookin'. The use of studs in the ears to add to the whole 'ethnic' theme seems forced, given how often Will Smith is seen wearing ear studs of that size or thickness (never, basically, unless again skewed proportions). Ears are an odd shape. Something vaguely grotesque about the shape of the teeth, although teeth are hard to do well in general.

Overall, the artwork is striking but disgusting. Definitely an acquired taste, and if unintentional, work on proportions/face drawing definitely needed. Also, celebrity face-portraits are not exactly original, so it loses a few marks on composition due to that.

Not a particularly impressive piece, but showing signs of technical skill and dedication to the craft.