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'The Joker' Graphite drawing



Finally i've managed to do a Heath Ledger's joker drawing that i'm happy with. As i've been meaning to redraw heath ledgers 'joker' for ages, but did not feel ready before, especially after my other two attempts which were pretty terrible in my opinion and did not do him justice. But now i felt ready to finally do a joker drawing, after practiseing and using all the techniques i've learnt over the previous months drawing portraits.

This is also my first 'full A3' fanart drawing that i've done since my darth vader drawing.

And like i've said before the 'Dark Knight' is my favourite all time movie. And heath ledgers portrayal as the the joker my favourite villain and performance in a movie ever. Which is surprising as i never liked the joker as a character prior to his performance, which shows just how incredible his portrayal of the joker was.

The drawing Was done on A3 bristol board, using standard and mechanical graphite pencils. And took about 50 hours to complete over 4 days.

Here are some of my other graphite drawings.

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i must say this is one of the best pieces of in graphite that i have seen on deviantart at this point, but i must ask what is under his bottom lip the scars on his cheeks are quite visible i have never seen the movie so i do not know the seen that he is in and the joker while not extremely original is still rather interesting and the detail in the shirt is amazing the shading is very nice. and before you vultures jump all over me i already know my grammar is atrocious. thank you all good night.