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'THE EMPIRE NEEDS YOU' Graphite drawing



I'm actually pleased with my drawing for once as, i've been trying for weeks' to beat my Spiderman' drawing but i have now finally done it . I've been pushing myself, and had a couple of close calls, but my other fanart drawings just didn't have the same impact. But this is now the best drawing i've done and the drawing that i will be trying to better from now on (it will take quite a while). It has also come out just as i envisaged it when planning it in my head.

This is also the first of a series of 'Star Wars' fanart drawings i'm planning to do. As star wars is probably one of the most influential Sci-Fi's ever made. And even today all of the characters, ships and designs look amazing, so drawing them are pretty fun.

I chose this classic darth vader pose as its my my favourite. And even though it has been drawn to death on DD i decided to still go with it, but like i always 'try' to do i want to put my own unique spin on it. But on this drawing the background was just as crucial as 'darth vader himself'. So i took a combination of lots of different stills and pics from the movie of different spaceships. And have 'tried' to put most most of the imperial ships in there. From the 'star destroyers' which i placed high up as i wanted the afterburners to look like there higlighting the vaders helmet. To the imperial 'fighters' interceptors','shuttles' and bombers which look like they are flying towards you.

But I stilll wanted the deathstar to be very prominent in the background , which i think i have achieved. And finally there is the horizon of a planet behind 'Darth Vader'. The drawing also looks looks like a recruitment poster for the empire, hence the title.

The drawing was done on A3 Bristol Board paper using standard and mechanical graphite pencils. And a white gel pen for the 12 bright stars. And took about 70 hours over 7 days to complete.

The reference i used is here (will get soon)

Here are some of my other 'fanart' graphite drawings.

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I Absolutely LOVE Darth Vader, he is the quintessential mysterious villain. It goes without saying that i adore this piece of art. There is absolutely nothing lacking in this picture. It's kind of like he is pointing at the viewer and saying " What are you looking at ?!" . I really like the way you added all the hundreds of stars in the background and the "tie fighters" and "x wings". The detailing on Lord Vader is spot on too. I like the way you played with the lighting and shadows on him. This is undoubtedly your best artwork till now.
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