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'Micheal Fassbender' portrait



Considering I tried 3 brand new and untested equipment on this drawing, overall i'm pretty pleased on how it turned out. As I used 'cartridge paper' instead of 'Bristol board', added 'charcoal' with 'graphite' and used 'graphite powder' for the background. The one big mistake I did make was making the left side of his hair way to dark with the charcoal, as I did not know I could not lighten it by rubbing it out.

And If you've read my recent journal entry on my road to 'hyperrealism art', you will know why I had to take the big step to try using charcoal with graphite plus try new paper. At first I was terrified as I love my 'Bristol board' and really hate charcoal. But as you can see from this portrait, i'm really glad I did try as 'cartridge paper' is really great at holding skin textures. And i'm now finally starting to understand how artists are able to create such hyperrealistic drawings.

Charcoal actually also works better on cartridge paper to, but is still a real pain to use. I first tried this portrait on A4 but the charcoal was tough to control, so I opted to redraw it on bigger A3. But I can see the difference in darkness compared to graphite, In the eye, nostrils and mouth and outer side of the face as charcoal does not reflect light. So reluctantly I will have to just get used to charcoal ad hopefully I will begin to love it.

However drawing hair, clothes is where cartridge paper struggles, and can not beat Bristol board when it comes to really fine details. Even though its still early days, but as of now, I will start using both 'Bristol board' & 'cartridge' paper. Anything I need smooth crisp and detailed will be on Bristol board. And from now on most of my portraits that have skin texture will be done on cartridge paper and so everything else will be on bristol board.

The drawing was done on A3 cartridge paper, using graphite and charcoal pencils. Approx 25-30 hors to complete.

Here are some of my other graphite drawings.

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Here we go <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="366" title=":D (Big Grin)"/>, been a while. However, this one is only going to be a brief overview.

I like this one quite a lot more than your other ones to be honest. Probably due to the crisp clean look. Negatives then positives as always.

I think that his ear looks a LITTLE weird in terms of attachment, but other than that it is fine. The main let downs of this piece in my opinion would be the hair on his head. Firstly the main part of his hair looks too "thick" in my opinion, it looks not as wispy as real hair, since I do not have the reference photo, I'm not quite sure how his hair is "structured" and it looks a little random. Next is the hair on his right side of his head, which looks black with some strokes in it, this looks a little weird in contrast to the rest of his head maybe a little more texture would be better, I'm not too sure but it looks like a very hard transition.

What I like about this one is his shirt + buttons, eyes and bristle which are all very well done. Furthermore his eyebrow, especially the right one looks fluffy, more like real hair than your other portraits which just goes to show you how much you have improved. The skin texture is also very nice. All the creases are good etc.

Anyway, thats all from me for now, keep improving!