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'Look into my Glasses' graphite drawing



Once in a while when i finish a drawing, i feel that i've accomplished something, and this is one of those drawings as i've really pushed myself. As my watchers know i've always struggled with portraits (and still do), but like when i turned a corner with my spiderman fanart drawing, i feel i've finally turned a corner with portraits with this one. Coincidently like my spiderman drawing, they both have reflections over the eyes and both were my first drawings with a full background firstly for fanart and now for a portrait.

I've also been wantig to draw reflection on sunglasses since i finished the spiderman drawing which had reflection in his eyes. And I managed to find a great photo (don't know who it is), with lots of reflection in the glasses, and even though i didn't like the person in the photo. And i must point out that he has an odd mouth which i just copied and i just went with it.

The drawing is also only A4, but still took 35-40 hours over 3 days. And i'm embarrased to say that i spent nearly 10 hours of that on the reflections in the glasses. But i have managed to get every last detail from the photo into the reflection.

Drawing was done A4 bristol board with graphite standard and mechanical pencils

Here are some of my other graphite drawings.

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This is great artwork, quality, and definitely worth the time put in. The detail is very precise, especially in the hair and stubble on the face.
Personally, I think the reflections in the glasses are the highlight in this piece, the detail is just as good as the rest of the drawing even though it is on a smaller scale. Next would be the hair, simply because of the level of detail in it.

There are only two things as far as I can see that could be improved, and though I feel like I'm picking faults with what is actually an amazing piece - and better than most of my own work - I will say them anyway:
The nose doesn't seem to be angled correctly for the face, it seems to point straight forwards, though the face is pointing slightly to one side.
The hair also doesn't seem to have 'movement' - in fact the whole picture seems to lack a little 'energy'. I realise this was done from a photograph, which explains this, as it's often difficult to capture the 'life' of the subject. (Personally, I hate drawing from photos for this reason).

This is still a stunning piece though, especially as you say portraits are not your strong point. I hope you didn't think me too harsh!