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'INDIANA JONES' Harrison Ford graphite drawing



Although i still need to practice portraits, i feel i've made good progess with male portraits, so i will be mixing practiceing portraits with fanart. And using all the techniques i'vel earnt drawing male portraits, which still allows me to practice, as theres been loads of drawings i wanted to do but didn't because i hated drawing faces. But i will still need to practice boring old female portraits, as i'm still struggling a bit with them.

Indiana jones was not really my first choice, but my older sister requested it so i decided to do it first. Although indiana jones movies, were defintely some of my favourite movies when younger, but i have not watched them for ages so don't really know if they've aged well.

Here are some of my other graphite drawings.

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Hey Hey, finally you took my advice! Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones..AWESOME!!!!!!!
Indie is one of the few characters that i doubt anybody in the world would find not cool. I think you outdid yourself with this one, as far as real people portraits go, this is probably one of your best. The jacket and his fedora came out really cool too. Plus i love his expression. I cant help but play the Indiana Jones tune in my head as i look at this, XD.
There really isn't anything to complain about in this pic. Really great job...
Seriously man..
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