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'Gucci' dog graphite drawing

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I've been meaning to draw the family dogs 'Bullet' & 'Gucci' in graphite for awhile, but had no good photos. After taking 200+ photos i could only use this one image of onne of the dogs 'gucci' as the rest were terrible (i'm terrible at taking phortos). And i will do a drawing of the other dog 'bullet' when i can get a good photo.

It has actually worked out well that i waited this long as my first attempt at drawing a dog and puppy was a big headache (looked ok though). But this time all the techniques i learnt from that drawing made this alot easier but still time consuming. And i think i now have a good technique for drawing dogs, but still need to practice the fur.

And I never understood why people loved dogs so much when i was younger, and used to find it very amusing when people would treat them better than family. But after being around these 2 for 3 years or so, i fully undertand now, as they've become an important part of the family.

Here are some of my other graphite drawings.

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Well, first before anything I would like to point out about there being a suicide fly greatly annoying me by flying into my face. xd
ANYWAY, as always I will begin with negatives then positives.

Firstly, the cloth/towel on the bottom is very nicely detailed, but I'm going to talk about some parts around the cloth/towel, it looks darkly shaded, I'm not too sure what those lines are to be honest, maybe shadows? Furthermore there are more if you look closely around the ear. Anyway they look out of place for me.

Secondly The dog's hair on it's body doesn't seem to look fully like fur, most noticeably on it's hind legs, it flows well but is missing some of that "hair look".

Also I don't like the shadow near the tail it looks too dark for me, I think it could be subtler. It almost looks like a drop shadow on photoshop. Example: [link]
Furthermore, the tail looks slightly out of position, but that could be my overlooking into it.

As for the positives, I think the dog's head is done very well. The nose actually looks wet to me and the whiskers look realistic. Furthermore the eyes glisten well as you always make them do.

The hair on the head is much better than it's body in my opinion especially the hair on the chin which is fuzzy, I think you could have used that a little more in some areas.

I like the sofa, it looks pretty nice and makes me easily remember those black cushion reflections, looks like real life except a few brush strokes that can be seen. (Still some work to do but it's pretty good!)

Overall I like it as pretty much ALL your works, they have high quality to them and high level of technique, just not quite "there" yet <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/>. Can't wait to see what you do next <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="391" title=":) (Smile)"/>.
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I like this doggy.
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This looks like a picture! It's so amazing!
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I really like this drawing ....
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great drawing , staffys are a great breed of dog, mine likes his blanket on the sofa as well.
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Jesus man! take it easy! lol....... its just great!
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I bet your dog loved this :D
Pen-Tacular-Artist's avatar
hopefully, but she has not seen it yet.
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I have so much of a problems with drawing angles.
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Ahh, it turned out fantastic! :heart:
She's very cute, and really stands out against the other fabrics. Well done! :D
Pen-Tacular-Artist's avatar
Thanks alot, i've learnt that a good background canmake alot of diffeence to pet drawings.
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You're very welcome. :)
And yeah, I can see that, now that you've pointed it out... Subtle things can make big differences. :)
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The WIP was great when the head stood out, but this detail and pop-out on another level. Went through so many levels of textures: the carpet, the eye corners, the chest, and the couch are so stupendous!
Pen-Tacular-Artist's avatar
Thanks alot, it's because of the pitch black sofa and that the dog is white.
The-Ultras-Narrator's avatar
Yeah, it seemed like it.
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This looks amazing! such a cute dog xD What kind of name is Gucci? and do you own a family cat? *w*
Pen-Tacular-Artist's avatar
Thanks alot, my sister named it. And i don't want to offend cat owners but i find them very irritating.
U-HaveCat2bKitten-Me's avatar
I love cats :iconawwwplz: I'm more of a cat person. It's fine you wont offend anyone xD if you don't like cats then you don't like cats, but I take it you don't plan on drawing any cats xD
Pen-Tacular-Artist's avatar
I will be drawing at least one cat as when i start doing commisions at least i'll be prepared.
U-HaveCat2bKitten-Me's avatar
Awww yea! Cats for the win xD
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Wow this is truly an amazing work of art :wow:
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