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'First ever Commision' of 'Gareth' WIP 50%

Although this is a test it is also my first ever real commision. I've been trying to get someone locally i don't really know to well to test my commision process on but with know luck until recently. As i don't have many friends and i didn't want to draw family again, so i decided to ask people at an autistic adult support group, i atend once a month. Unfortunately noone was was up for it there either, until i got a message from one brave person 'Gareth' who was willing to be my test subject, which i am very grateful for.

It's been a good learning curve, as i'm learning that being ultra realistic may not be the best way to go for commisions. But instead i need to strike a balance that suits the customer, but also does not compromise my style of drawing. It's also the first time i've drawn normal glasses, which has been pretty touh as i'm used to the eyes being the focal point.

Here are some of my other graphite drawings.

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This is really spectacular! You should definitely feel proud of this drawing- I love the glasses and the reflections on them. And I also really like the teeth, haha :) can't wait to see what it looks like finished! And congrats on this being your first commission!
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Thanks, and i am pretty proud of this drawing as it is my first commision, which i will always remember.
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amazingly realistic, especially the glasses :wow:
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Thanks alot, first time i've drawn glasses so i appreciate your feedback.
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You did a great job on the glasses, the reflection of them give it that depth, nice job. It is coming out real good. The only thing (and it could be me, believe me I far from being critical as my talent is no where near yours) the right side <his left> I guess his neck, lower jaw area seems a bit off. I am guessing the picture is like that.
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Thanks alot. And yeah the pic is like that, as it was a strange angle. And don't ever worry about voiceing your opinions, as i appreciate your honesty.
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