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'Ellen Page' graphite portrait

I chose 'ellen page' (from inception, juno etc) as she isn't your typical airbrushed hollywod movie star. And her skin on the photo i'm using has alot of marks and imperfections that is good to draw. She's also starring as the main playable character in my 2nd most anticipated video game this year 'Beyond Two Souls' which looks incredible (my 1st is 'The Last of us').

The background was a real pain as the original reference photo had it as an off white. But it just did not look right so i shaded it grey which looked awful, so i then had no choice but to do a darker background like the one you see now. Which in turn affected how the rest of the drawing looked, as i would have keept the hair slightly lighrt if i knew i was going to do a dark background.

Here are some of my other graphite drawings.

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Sorry yet again for not being able to critique properly. I still have to do some things. I'll try make sure I will critique your next piece.
Well here is my take on it:
Skin texture looks a little too rough for me. I think that it would be softer from this distance. Not to say that it is bad however. The amount of detail you put into it is just amazing nevertheless, it's not about the realism of the detail on the skin this time, I think it's about the balance of it. Thats just my opinion though, I know many other people love the skin texture, and I think you do a great job of it too. I guess it's just my take on how "skin" should be. Ahh stubborn me...but I digress...

Hair looks somewhat like hair, but is missing the "wispy" hair look. The ends of the hair look better than the rest in my opinion. I'm sorry it's a little vague, I'm not quite sure how to draw hair myself so I can't really direct you, these are just my observations. Quick ones at that.

Eyes, of course I mean, they always get me xD.
The shine on the necklace is always perfect, you get the shiny stuff right all the time :D.

Another good practice piece :D, can't wait to see your next one (which I will hopefully have the time to critique on!).

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Thanks, don't worry just nail those exams XD. Anyway i totally agree with you on this one, skin texture is way to rough and the hair is not right. I messed it up with the background which should have been light grey, but being dark makes all the faults stand out.
I'm going to be slowing down and taking my time on each drawing now, so i can push myself to the next level of detail and realism(i refer to it as my'phase 2').
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Ha yes, I'll try my best. Well I say that the although the texture is too rough, the detail on it is still good. Yes being dark also makes much more contrast, which maybe if it was actually grey, the skin texture might have looked better.
Ah okay, good plan. I have started slowing down myself. I'm working on 6 pieces at a time trying to get different techniques down for my digital art too ^^. SO I guess that makes two of us in "phase 2". I can't wait to see what you come up with my friend :).
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I think the background came out fine. Her hair doesn't blend in too bad with it. The way you draw skin with that texture is always so great! :faint:
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Thanks alot, kind of messed it up but its still ok.
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Another fantastic one, you never fail to disappoint...the skin texture and hair are just magical!! Well done :D
Pen-Tacular-Artist's avatar
Thanks alot. Magical? i've never had my drawings described like that, but i like it XD.
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The word sprang to mind X) You're welcome, keep up the great work.
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My pleasure :)
Thanks for the reply!
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The wrinkles in the skin look awesome! And so does the jewelry! And I really like the background, I think it really draws the eye to the face :)
Pen-Tacular-Artist's avatar
Thanks alot, glad you like it. The dark background kind of ruined it for me, as i would have drawn her hair differently.
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wonderfully done, you've captured her perfectly man.
Pen-Tacular-Artist's avatar
Thanks alot, appreciate the feedback.
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Awesome work!
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You're welcome! :)
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Your work is Featured here: [link]
Pen-Tacular-Artist's avatar
Thanks alot, i really appreciate it.
In2umniaKillH3r's avatar
The pleasure is all mine. ;)
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Amazing as allways :)
Can you tell me, how much time you take to do the "skeleton" and then de detail?
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Thanks alot. It takes about 10 hours to get to the 50% stage that i post and about 25-30 hours in total. But it takes 2 hours doing the line work.
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