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'Dog and Puppy' graphite drawing

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This drawing has been a bit of a rollercoaster, as i kept on going from hate to love, as this is the first time i've drawn fur, But now that it's finally finished after 30 hours over a 37 hour period, i'm pretty happy with it, considering it's the first fur drawing i've done. But trying to draw the fur was a bit of a nightmare at first, but i think i've now got the hang of it. i learnt to keep to, 2 obvious and basic rules 1)draw every hair and 2)always keep the hair flow in the same direction.

When I decided to try and draw fur, i went with the obvious a dog. Initially i tried to draw an alsation, but after 4 hours it looked a complete mess, so for the second time only i had to give up and chuck it away, which knocked my confidence a bit. But After a few hours sleep i decided to draw something even harder to get my confidence back so i'm now not only drawing a dog, but also a cute puppy who are lying in a barn.

And although i've drawn my family dogs once before, i've never drawn fur or animals in graphite before. But i know i need to start practicesing drawing animals and pets asap, as it's another weakness i have and i don't want to mess up again.

Here are some of my other graphite drawings.

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Dogs! I LOVE dogs! They're mans best friends, and not to mention they look damn good too. I'm assuming this is a mother and her pup. They are definitely golden retrievers. As usual , you have done the hair texture very well. The fur coat of the mother dog has come out really good. The puppy looks real sweet and has a look of innocence in its eyes. The mother looks watchful and protective, just like any mother would be. I really don't have any complaints about this pic. It is nice to see someone do a good pic of animals.... Great job..
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First i apologize for my bad english, i'm french and not to good.
But.. what an amazing drawing ! It's more than beautiful, really !
The details are awesome, we can see all the points of the fur... Wow !
The background is also a great piece of drawing, more than the details, the shading is great !
Looks like thoses dogs will comes to life right now.
They looks so real, it's a real amazing piece of art, you can be proud of you, really ! What a realistic work, it should take a lot of time.
Hope to see more art in the future : )
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This is a truly great piece of artwork. I can see the dogs in real life thinking about this! I think that you will be a great artist. This piece is a great rendition of two dogs lying around, an adult and a pup. I feel that your artwork should be recognized throughout deviantART, as it is wonderful. The medium of graphite really surprised me, as I have really never seen something that is as excellent as this, done in graphite. Not only did you surprise me, I am now in awe of your skill and will hope to see you continue on your artistic career. Cheerio!
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Sorry to bother you but another person was trying to sell your art to me, I just notced it when i searched the URL

The person was on a site called Chickensmoothie, and have been reported for art theft I am sorry for this inconvenience 
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Thanks for the info really appreciate it.
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I am so glad you started doing art again. Your work is wonderful to look at. Thank you for sharing your pieces with the world.

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It's just too perfect. <3 <3
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Aww :aww: soooooo cute :D

Wonderful work !
What did you use as a reference photo?
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They look like some dogs I owned years ago. I had them for 15 years but they passed away. I still miss them. You did a great job with the art.
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Thanks, i am going to draw my 2 sisters dogs soon. And i understand now how close dogs can become to us. But prior to my sister having dogs, i never understood why people were so obsessed with dogs, treating them like family members, now i do.
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Awwwwwwwwww!!! So cute >www< I really love dogs!!! I have a rottweiler, I treat like it was my baby what seems pretty weirdo 'cause I'm really small and she pretty big hahahahaha
The texture seems great! Of everything, and I'm like in love with that wooden boards, and the things-that-I-don't-know-how-to-talk-in-english-used-in-horses x.x That such detalist!!
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doggies and puppies need more love via drawings! i always seem to find more of cats and kittens rather than these adorable thingies..... XD
And your drawing did so much justice to the fact that they are so damn cutely rendered in graphite! xDD d'aww im dying in cuteness!!!! Its awesome!
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Thanks alot, cuteness isn't my strong point, so i'm glad you think it's cute. I actually hate cats, but love dogs as we have 2, which i'm going to be drawing soon.
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ooh im sure you dont have a "weak point" lol xD
aah im super excited to see that drawing! xDD
bhai, emma stone ko goli maro, start drawing your doggies! XDDD hehehehe
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this looks amazing, the dog and puppies fur looks so real. Like you could just reach into the screen and pet them
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Thanks alot, fur was a bit of a nightmare so i'm really glad you like it.
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All your effort all worth it and it look brillant
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Awww the puppy is cuuuute!!!
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