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'Dog and Puppy' graphite drawing

This drawing has been a bit of a rollercoaster, as i kept on going from hate to love, as this is the first time i've drawn fur, But now that it's finally finished after 30 hours over a 37 hour period, i'm pretty happy with it, considering it's the first fur drawing i've done. But trying to draw the fur was a bit of a nightmare at first, but i think i've now got the hang of it. i learnt to keep to, 2 obvious and basic rules 1)draw every hair and 2)always keep the hair flow in the same direction.

When I decided to try and draw fur, i went with the obvious a dog. Initially i tried to draw an alsation, but after 4 hours it looked a complete mess, so for the second time only i had to give up and chuck it away, which knocked my confidence a bit. But After a few hours sleep i decided to draw something even harder to get my confidence back so i'm now not only drawing a dog, but also a cute puppy who are lying in a barn.

And although i've drawn my family dogs once before, i've never drawn fur or animals in graphite before. But i know i need to start practicesing drawing animals and pets asap, as it's another weakness i have and i don't want to mess up again.

Here are some of my other graphite drawings.

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Dogs! I LOVE dogs! They're mans best friends, and not to mention they look damn good too. I'm assuming this is a mother and her pup. They are definitely golden retrievers. As usual , you have done the hair texture very well. The fur coat of the mother dog has come out really good. The puppy looks real sweet and has a look of innocence in its eyes. The mother looks watchful and protective, just like any mother would be. I really don't have any complaints about this pic. It is nice to see someone do a good pic of animals.... Great job..