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''Baba Banda Singh Bahadur'

''Baba Banda Singh Bahadur' at the battle of  in 'Chappar Chiri ' (Punjab 1710 AD), capturing the cruel and notorious Mughal ruler 'Wazir Khan' (kneeling on floor). Which is for the 300th anniversary of his martydom in june 2016.

Graphite and Charcoal Drawing and It took about 100+ hours over 10 days on A2 (420x594mm) paper.


Baba Banda Singh Bahadur (27 October 1670 – 9 June 1716) was a great Sikh military commander. He was born in October 1670 in a Rajput family in the State of Kashmir. He was named Lachman Dev. As a child he was very fond of horse riding, martial art, hunting and was expert in use of bow and arrow and other weapons used in wars at that time.

At age 15 he left home to become an ascetic, and established a monastery at Nanded, Where in September 1708 he was visited by, and became a disciple of Guru Gobind Singh Ji who gave him the new name of Banda Singh Bahadur. Guru Gobind Singh taught him the basic principles of Sikhsim and baptised him. 

Guru Gobind Singh Ji then sent Banda Singh on a mission to Punjab to punish the guilty and cruel Mughal rulers of the time. By this point Guru Ji's entire family had been martyed by the Mughal empire, including the execution of his 2 younger sons 'Zarowar Singh' aged 9, and 'Fateh Singh' aged 7 in 1705 A.D. By the orders of the Mughal ruler Wazir Khan, who ordered that they be bricked up alive. Even by the cruelty of those times, this was seen as especially barbaric even by Some of Mughal rulers at the time who protested the order.

He was also provided with five brave Sikhs as advisors and necessary weapons. Baba Banda Singh was soon joined by thousands of Sikhs and Armed with the blessing and authority of Guru Gobind Singh, he assembled a fighting force and led the struggle against the Mughal Empire. Unfortunately Guru Gobind Singh Ji passed away in 1708, but by 1709. Bhanda Singh Bahadur had won countless battles and had started establishing his authority in Punjab.

Within a short span of time, Sikhs under Baba Banda Singh’s leadership put an end to life of many tyrant rulers. But on  12 May 1710 at the  battle of  'Chappar Chiri ' the Sikhs fought and won a crucial battle. In doing so they had captured the notorius 'Wazir Khan' (kneeling down), the Governor of Sirhind, who was responsible for the martyrdom of the two youngest sons of Guru Gobind Singh. He was then executed and Bhanda singh Bahadurs Promise to Guru Gobind Singh ji had been fullfilled.

By now Banda Singh captured large part of Punjab and established Sikh rule there, He also minted coins in the name of Guru Nanak Dev and Guru Gobind Singh. In the meantime, Faruksiyar became Delhi’s emperor. Angered by defeat at the hands of Banda Singh and Sikh forces, he sent a large force from Delhi and mobilised from elsewhere in Punjab to defeat and capture Banda Singh.
Sikhs were surrounded by large number of Mughal forces in the fortress of Gurdas Nagal. They fought valiantly but due to depleting ration, they ultimately became too weak to fight with the enemies. Ultimately, the brave general Banda Singh Bahadur was arrested along with seven hundred Sikh soldiers and brought to Delhi, after eight months. Inside the fortress, 
In Delhi, they were insulted and paraded and were tortured and killed publicly. After an ordeal of about three months, Baba Banda Singh was killed in one of the most cruel manners in the history of mankind on June 9,1716. His four year old son Ajai Singh was put to death in front of him. His liver was thrusted into Banda Singh’s mouth. Finally, Banda was put to death mercilessely by pincing the flesh from his body, bit by bit, with means of hot pincers. His eyes were pulled out and his feet were chopped off. 
With the martyrdom of Banda singh Bahadur, Khalsa leadership was taken up by new warriors like Baba Deep Singh, Jassa Singh Ramgarhia, Jassa Singh Ahluwalia. And within ninety years, Mahraja Ranjit Singh had established the Sikh kingdom in northern India.

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This is an epic peice!
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I really love the detail on the chain mail and the sheen on the metal on the scabbards and swords.
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The details really jump out in this work.  Excellent job.
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Very well done!
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